3 strategies for survival


Find the Gaps

Even experienced security specialists need to be continuously assessed and educated so they don’t fall behind


Promote your best

It is critical to understand who in your organization is best suited to lead and who can best execute


Hire right. From the start

Identify talent with the right mix of skills and aptitude using industry leading assessment software

Assess for talent and secure what's important

By 2020 there will be approximately 1.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs.[1] Cybersecurity Aptitude Tests identify talent with the ability to support efforts to counter cyber threats. By assessing the behavioral attributes and cognitive aptitude required for success in cyber roles, the tests focus on identifying latent ability – traits that are hidden and not yet developed – in cyber roles rather than existing skill.

[1] The Wall Street Journal, September 27, 2017


Assess against the best

Test your existing and incoming talent against the global talent pool of security professionals and understand how your team is positioned to respond and secure against future threats


Reduce cost, increase productivity

Identify soft and hard skill  gaps and address them specifically. Increase retention and grow your best talent.

I would love to discuss your security assesment needs and find the right solution to help keep you and your investments safe.

Seif Ghallab