What is low code?

When you can visually create new business applications with minimal hand-coding — when your developers can do more of greater value, faster — that’s low-code.

How is the platform low code?

The IBM Automation Platform includes pre-built functionality and code wherever possible so even non-developers can build basic automation applications with little IT support.

  • You’re not limited to a narrow range of functionality. Developers can easily add custom code or functionality to any app created with low code.  
  • You get built-in governance. Business users can build apps that can’t be deployed without IT approval to improve security and success.  
  • You can add capabilities to easily monitor and measure performance issues and sentiment, and quickly iterate based on operational feedback.

What's new

Improve business productivity

IBM Automation® Workstream Services configures simple automations in minutes, no code required. Use it free for 90 days to help manage workstreams in today’s remote environments.


Accelerate app development

A catalog of automation assets and services promotes asset reuse across projects, speeding up app development.

Deliver more than simple apps

Business users can build apps that can be easily enhanced with additional functionality by developers.

Build apps that automate more

With a central location for building apps, you can combine multiple automation capabilities within a single app.


Tap into the platform’s full set of capabilities for automating all types of work at scale.