The Power of One: IBM + Hortonworks drives advanced analytics

What is Apache Hadoop?

Apache Hadoop® is an open source platform providing highly reliable, scalable, distributed processing of large data sets using simple programming models. Hadoop is built on clusters of commodity computers, providing a cost-effective solution for storing and processing massive amounts of structured, semi- and unstructured data with no format requirements.

In the spotlight

Get started with Apache Hadoop®

IBM, in partnership with Hortonworks, offers Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP), a secure, enterprise-ready open source Hadoop distribution based on a centralized architecture. HDP, when used with IBM Db2 Big SQL, addresses a range of data-at-rest and data-in-motion use cases, provides data federation across the organization, powers real-time customer applications, and delivers robust analytics accelerating analytic decisioning.

Accelerate big data collection and dataflow management

Hortonworks DataFlow (HDF) for IBM, powered by Apache NiFi, is the first integrated platform that solves the challenges of collecting and transporting data from a multitude of sources. HDF for IBM enables simple, fast data acquisition, secure data transport, prioritized data flow and clear traceability of data from the edge of your network to the core data center. It uses a combination of an intuitive visual interface, a high-fidelity access and authorization mechanism and an always-on chain of custody (data provenance) framework.

Accelerated and Stable Apache Hadoop®

The best way to move forward with Hadoop is to choose an installation package that simplifies interoperability. The Open Data Platform Initiative (ODPi) is a multi-vendor standards association focused on advancing the adoption of Hadoop in the enterprise by promoting the interoperability of big data tools. ODPi simplifies and standardizes the Apache Hadoop big data ecosystem with a common reference specification called the ODPi Core.


IBM Hosted Analytics with Hortonworks

Created to address enterprise analytics and data science requirements, this offering drives one solution to store, explore and score big data.

Db2 Big SQL

A hybrid SQL on Hadoop engine providing low latency support for ad-hoc and complex queries and connecting disparate sources using a single database connection.

Hortonworks on Power

Use Hortonworks Data Platform on IBM Power Systems™ to increase efficiency, maximize performance and accelerate insights.

Big Replicate

Enterprise-class replication for Apache Hadoop and object store. Data is replicated as it streams in, and the need for files to be fully written and closed before transfer is eliminated.

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