Entity analytics

Detect non-obvious relationships, resolve entities, and find threats and vulnerabilities that are hiding in your data

 Isometric illustration of two people receiving data from a common source


Extend your ability to pull insights from your data

Entity analytics provides a platform to assist in the fight against threat and fraud. It uses context accumulation principles for detecting like and related entities across large, sparse and disparate collections of data. Perform analytics on events, people, things, transactions and relationships to make better decisions faster.

IBM solutions offer context accumulation, real-time analysis, embedded analytics and complex event processing to help organizations respond faster.


Better ways to discover entity insights

Discover, match and find entities and non-obvious relationships to deliver better entity insights. Platform updates extend your ability to pull insights from your data.

Enhanced platform support and new name matching capability

Resolve analytics challenges on Hadoop easily. Identify duplicate entity data on all major Hadoop distributions. New comparison and bucketing functions enable better name matching.

Interpret name data with confidence

Enhance name matching and management with language and culture support, improved short name comparisons and better genderization to better interpret name data.

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