Make it unique like you

Welcome to the new! IBM is committed to deepening our relationship with you through an improved, personalised Web experience.

By sharing some information about yourself, we are able to provide you with content tailored to meet your goals, interests, industry, account, and country. You decide what information you want to share with us, and your privacy is always assured with IBM.

When you register and create a profile, you can enjoy the benefits of:

  • Organised list of your IBM links based on your interests
  • Product information targeted at your interests
  • Fast access to your account information and profile
  • Easy ability to access your saved carts and order status
  • Pre-filled Web forms with your information (e.g., name, role, title, address)
  • Personalised greeting Easy sign-in without leaving the page
  • Access to podcast and IBMers´ blogs

IBM offers you a variety of ways to personalise your Web experience – quickly and easily. Don´t wait. Start using My IBM today and enjoy your enhanced, personalised experience!

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