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        Notebook & laptop computers
               Thinkpad A Series
               Thinkpad R Series
               Thinkpad S Series
               Thinkpad T Series
               Thinkpad X Series
        Desktop & thin client computers
               NetVista A Series
               NetVista M Series
               NetVista X Series
               NetVista S Series
               Professional Workstations- Intellistation
               E Pro
               M Pro
               Z Pro
        Computer terminals and monitors
               Computer terminals
               CRT monitors
               Flat panel monitors
               POS terminals
               Handheld computers & PDAs
         Server hardware
               Mainframe servers (includes IBM zSeries)
               Intel-based servers (includes IBM xSeries)
                      xSeries point solutions
                      xSeries universal servers
                      xSeries rack-optimized servers
                      eServer BladeCenter
               AS/400-based servers
                      iSeries-dedicated servers for Domino
                      iSeries-small business & workgroup servers
                      iSeries-medium business servers
                      iSeries-large business servers
                Unix/Linux/Aix-based servers
                      pSeries Unix servers (includes pSeries Intellistation)
                      System p - Intellistation POWER Workstations
                      System p - Intellistation POWER Workstations
                      System p - Performance Midrange Servers
                      pSeries-data center-class and HPC servers
                      pSeries-Entry Servers
                      pSeries-performance rack optimized servers
                      pSeries-performance tower series
        Computer Printers
                Dot Matrix & Line matrix printers
                      Dot matrix
                      Line matrix
               Ink jet printers
               Laser printers
                      Continuous form color
                      Continuous form monochrome
                      Personal page printers
                      Production cutsheet
               Thermal printers
        Computer storage
               Data collection devices
               Hard disk drives
               Network storage & Systems
                      Cross platform extension
                      Disk storage systems
                      iSCSI/IP storage
                      NAS (network attached storage)
                      SANs (storage area networks)
               Optical storage
               Rack enclosures
        Computer components
               Computer chips and memory
               Computer processors
        Computer networking hardware
               Network adapters
               Network hubs and switches
               Wireless Networking