IBM Canada - Customer Service & Integrated Accessibility Standard Policy

Accessibility for Ontarians with Disability Act (AODA)

At IBM, we have always set high standards for the way we conduct business -- in areas from corporate and social responsibility to sound business ethics including compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

All IBM leaders, employees, contractors, who interact with or provide service to the public, must comply with the 2005 Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), Integrated Accessibility Standard, and Customer Service Standards.

IBM is committed to provide accessibility for persons with disabilities including our customers, employees, and visitors to IBM locations.

Accessibility Plan

IBM Canada will maintain a multi-year accessibility plan outlining its strategy to prevent and remove barriers to comply with these regulations. The plan will be reviewed annually to ensure standards are being met. For qualified people with disabilities, IBM makes workplace accommodations that comply with applicable laws, and which IBM determines are reasonable and needed for effective job performance. In respecting and valuing the diversity among our employees, and all those with whom we do business, managers are expected to ensure a working environment that is free of all forms of harassment.

The accessibility plan will be posted on the IBM Canada website and intranet site and will be available in an accessible format upon request.

Establishment of Policies, Practices, and Procedures

IBM is required to establish, implement and maintain accessibility policies, which state how IBM achieves or will achieve accessibility, and include a statement of organizational commitment to meet the accessibility needs of persons with disabilities in a timely manner. IBM is required to prepare one or more written documents describing these policies, to make the documents publicly available and to provide them in an accessible format upon request.

IBM is required to register and file an accessibility compliance report annually in December.

Procuring or Acquiring Goods, Services or Facilities

IBM shall incorporate accessibility design, criteria and features when procuring or acquiring goods, services, or facilities (e.g., doorways, walkways), except where it is not practicable to do so. For example, IBM will be required to have regard to the accessibility for persons with disabilities when designing, procuring or acquiring new self-service kiosks. For existing goods, services, or facilities prior to January 1, 2014, accommodations are made for people with disabilities when requested, and the respective IBM group(s) (e.g., Real Estate, Facilities, Application Software, and appropriate vendor) will accommodate the request.

Accessible Buildings & Design of Public spaces

As part of IBM overall Barrier Free Strategy, IBM has a corporate commitment to provide accessible buildings and shall continue to have regard to the accessibility for persons with disabilities in all new builds, construction, and renovations.


IBM Canada will ensure that all employees have been trained on the requirements in the Integrated Accessibility Standard and the Ontario Human Rights Code, as it pertains to people with disabilities.

To fulfill the Customer Service Standards, all contractors and agents who provide goods and services on behalf of IBM Canada will be trained and managed through the procurement process.

Assistive Devices

IBM allows the use of assistive devices for persons with disabilities at all IBM locations. These devices may include but are not limited to:

Service Animals and Support Persons Policy

IBM allows persons with disabilities who are accompanied by a service animal to enter IBM premises, except where prohibited by law for health and safety reasons. Support persons accompanying customers with disabilities are welcome at any IBM location.

Accessible Format and Communication Support (Public & Employees)

IBM Canada will advise the public and employees about the availability of accessible formats and communication support. Upon request, they will be provided in a timely manner that takes into account the person's accessibility needs in consult with the person making the request at a cost that is no more than the standard cost charged to other persons.

Accessible Websites and Web Content

IBM is committed to making its information technology widely available and accessible, regardless of the physical ability of the user. To support this, IBM has Corporate Instruction 162 that addresses Accessibility of Information Technology for people who have disabilities. IBM Canada websites meet the Worldwide Web Consortium's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines as outlined in the AODA legislation.

As technology changes, IBM Canada will continue to monitor external and internal web pages, along with internal tools and applications, to ensure compliance with AODA.


IBM has a long-standing commitment to equal opportunity: a commitment based on sound business judgment, and anchored in our IBM Values. IBM Canada advises employees and the public about the availability of accommodation for applicants with disabilities seeking employment with IBM in the recruitment process.

For all applicants for employment with IBM, when selected to participate in an assessment or selection process, accommodations are available in reference to the material or processes to be used. IBM Canada also consults with the applicants to provide suitable accommodation and take into account the applicants accessibility needs.

When making offers of employment with IBM the successful applicant will be advised of IBM Canada's policies for accommodating employees with disabilities, including provision of job accommodation that take into account an employee's accessibility needs. This information is provided to new employees through the on-boarding process.

When using the resources/ employees of various third party organizations (examples include Temporary Help Services (THS), THIRD PARTY AGENCY Personnel, employees of other incorporated companies or Independent Contractors) that provide skills & expertise to IBM, Procurement identifies the requirement for AODA to the Vendor. Employing agency/ employers are responsible for Contractor accommodation needs etc under their own company AODA policies.

Individual Accommodation Plans including Return to Work Process

It is documented as part of IBM Accommodation Policy, that each IBM employee with a disability will be considered individually, on a case-by-case basis, in order to determine accommodation requirements including a return to work process. All IBM Canada employees have easy access to the global tool, Accessible Workplace Connection (AWC) using their intranet ID & password to request an accommodation.

Performance Management, Career Development and Advancement and Redeployment

IBM's workforce diversity programs believe in providing equal opportunity to all employees. Through an established IBM Accommodation Policy, all the accessibility needs, individual accommodation plans in relation to the performance management process, career development and advance opportunities, including redeployment opportunities for people with disabilities are taken into consideration.

Temporary Disruption of Service

IBM will provide persons with disabilities with notice of a planned or unexpected disruption in IBM facilities that people with disabilities access. This notice may include but is not limited to disruption postings at the site location, and published advanced notices on the intranet site.

For employees who require these notices, may contact Real Estate & Site Operations Ginette Best at


Based on IBM value of trust in all relationships, open communication and feedback are very important to IBM. We commit to ensure that the process for receiving and responding to feedback are accessible by providing or arranging for accessible formats and communication support, upon request. IBM welcomes feedback from its employees, customers, visitors and vendors can direct their feedback to:

IBM Canada
Human Resources

3600 Steeles Avenue East
Markham, Ontario
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Should we need to contact you to provide further information, please include the