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Welcome to IBM Research in Europe—join us to explore what's next in computing

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The Zurich Think Lab is the door to IBM Research in Europe for IBM clients and partners. Located in Switzerland, the internationally-recognized IBM Research Center is where IBM researchers, industry and trend experts test and develop insights.


What we offer

The Think Lab offers business executives and technical leaders a stimulating environment in which they can explore the transformational impact of future technologies on business and society. Together with our leading scientists and trend experts, they will:


Information technology trends and IBM Research's vision on the "Future of Computing"


What's next in the areas of artificial intelligence, hybrid cloud, quantum computing and science


Joint innovation opportunities and incubate collaborative projects

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Envision the future of technology with world-class researchers, innovation and trend experts. At the Think Lab, we bring together IBM clients and partners with our leading scientists—both virtually and in person—for an open exchange of ideas, visions and implications on industries.

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Inventing what's next

A new approach to computing is emerging. It's defined by the combined power of bits, neurons and qubits. Building on more than 75 years of science and innovation, IBM Research is pioneering the future of computing through major advances in hybrid cloud, AI, quantum computing and science.

See the latest in quantum computing
IBM researchers are driving open standards and open-source code to build a seamless hybrid cloud platform with security, compliance and reliability IBM Research is building AI that combines different forms of knowledge, unpacks causal relationships and learns new things on its own IBM researchers develop cutting-edge technologies to accelerate scientific progress through new models of collaborative innovation
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The Think Lab provides an exclusive IBM Research experience for clients and partners. An inspirational space, its designed to facilitate deeper innovation discussions, enable small groups exchanges and play host to hands-on technology demonstrations.

Our large demo area showcases a broad spectrum of latest technologies from across IBM Research Labs.

Flexible conference rooms can accommodate briefings, round-table discussions, exploration workshops, breakout sessions and more.

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IBM Innovation Studio and Think Lab
IBM Research Europe – Zurich Campus
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