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IBM is committed to environmental protection across all of its business activities, from its operations to the design of its products and use of its technology. With more than 50 years of early environmental actions and demonstrable results, IBM continues to treat environmental protection as a long-term strategic imperative.

Environmental impact is one of three pillars of IBM's ESG impact framework. The company continues to create better pathways to conserve natural resources, reduce pollution and minimize climate-related risks.

Highlights Policy

Corporate environmental policy first formalized in 1971.

Management system

Global environmental management system in place for decades with worldwide applicability and scope.

21 goals

IBM's 21 goals for environmental sustainability address its intersects with the environment, including: energy and climate change, conservation and biodiversity, pollution prevention and waste management, supply chain and value chain, and management system.

Reporting and disclosures

Annual environmental reporting for more than 30 years.

Sustainability solutions

Applying technologies and expertise to help clients become more environmentally sustainable and accelerate solutions to address environmental challenges.


Developing and demonstrating innovations in areas such as more sustainable computing, GHG emissions management and reduction, and accelerated discovery of more environmentally preferable materials.