Feedback matters

Product upgrades can generate uncertainty for existing users. Feedback for the latest version of Aspera on Cloud, a big data transfer solution, revealed user frustration with onboarding and education support, as well as challenges with existing product functions including file access and transfer speed.

Taking action

Using feedback as a springboard, the Aspera on Cloud team began tackling root causes for user roadblocks. New education and tutorials improved onboarding. Enhanced re-direct links mitigated file access issues and began to test approaches for faster transfer times. To make users aware of future changes that could impact usage, the team provided monthly communications covering upgrades and product roadmap changes.

Onward, together

For Aspera on Cloud, the road to improvement is ongoing — and the client is in the driver’s seat. The team is in the process of rolling out a new, more powerful transfer protocol to fully resolve transfer speed issues. Currently, about 30% of Aspera on Cloud users leveraging the updates report it’s “much easier and faster to download and transfer data,” making Aspera “much easier to use” as it “helps us service our clients better.”

Aspera is much easier to use. It helps us service our clients better.

Systems Engineer