Feedback matters

Delivering fast and effective technical support is critical for clients who use IBM products and services. Recent feedback revealed that clients were experiencing several challenges with IBM Support, including a lack of opportunities for self-service troubleshooting, long wait times and inefficient case resolution.

Taking action

IBM Support decided to reevaluate how they serve clients across the entire experience, online to onsite. Using AI technologies, the team focused on improving digital self-assist: optimizing search, eliminating outdated content and creating a world-class chatbot to intelligently diagnose issues and match clients with the right agent. Translation capabilities were expanded to ensure peer-to-peer support was available in any language.

Onward, together

Early results show a step in the right direction. AI helped reduce wait times by nearly half, while delivering the same level of expertise. Clients comment on how agents “provided faster and more efficient support than previously,” and “kept a steady stream of communication throughout.” IBM Support continues to ramp up training, streamline online support and automate as much as possible to ensure support across products and services.

Agents provided faster and more efficient support and kept a steady stream of communication throughout.

IT Administrator