Feedback matters

Sometimes even successful, long-term relationships need revisiting. A global bank based in Europe was expanding business with IBM, and records showed issues were quickly resolved by IBM support. Still, they expressed dissatisfaction with IBM’s responsiveness and low return on investment. Immediate follow-up revealed a lack of product information and training had become a roadblock.

Taking action

Working quickly to rectify the situation, IBM connected with client leadership, collaborating to better enable clients across the enterprise to identify elements that were lacking or not working. A handpicked group of product and services specialists delivered relevant workshops and provided key updates about the evolution of IBM services. An updated strategic roadmap was created, ensuring awareness of upcoming changes and improvements.

Onward, together

IBM’s actions brought renewed confidence. The working relationship improved with an open channel of collaboration and communication. IBM’s “quality of service and applications” was praised for being “top-notch and excellent.” The client requested seminars on an annual basis, and invited IBM to advise on the future IT landscape assessment and other new business opportunities.

With an open channel of collaboration and communication, IBM’s quality of service and applications was top-notch and excellent.

IT Project Manager