Feedback matters

When a global provider of financial services technology felt that their relationship with IBM had become too transactional instead of being a strategic partnership, it was made clear that change was needed. “We had a long way to go to meet my expectations of building a partnership together," said a director.

Taking action

The IBM team went into overdrive to reacquaint themselves with the client by understanding their strategic plans, how their business is structured and their key challenges. IBM spent incalculable hours with the client at conferences, training events and weekly meetings — listening, learning and providing expert advice.

Onward, together

The client now tells us it’s clear IBM is in it for the long haul. “Our IBM team is not only there for our successes but walking hand-in-hand with us during our issues or failures,” they said. “If you were an outsider, you wouldn't be able to identify who was from our team and who was from IBM — I look forward to all we can accomplish together.”

I look forward to all we can accomplish together.

IT Director