Feedback matters

Changing service models can cause tremors in the client experience. For a major global telecommunications provider, the team they relied on moved from a traditional project team to an outsourced model, creating a feeling of unease. Underwhelmed, the client explained that the "culture and attitude of the team was disheartening." IBM needed to act quickly to retain the client.

Taking action

IBM acted immediately. Within 24 hours, a frank discussion with the client identified concerns and helped draw up a new service plan by asking, "What does success look like to you?" IBM focused on greater accountability and account management excellence, with commitment to addressing issues and two new delivery leads.

Onward, together

In May 2019, a second survey from the same contact solidified that IBM was taking the right approach. Because of the "flexibility, innovation and problem-solving skills" of her IBM colleagues, the client reported she met her business objectives and was looking forward to expanding the partnership.

Because of IBM’s flexibility, innovation and problem-solving skills, we met our business objectives.

Project Manager