Feedback matters

Feedback about, often a person’s first interaction with IBM, revealed that the digital experience wasn’t always seamless. Visitors reported issues with navigation, content downloads, live event streaming and broken links. And, while purchasing online, clients experienced customer service challenges. Some were unable to find purchase support or faced download issues.

Taking action

A cross-functional IBM Design taskforce stepped up, evolving site design, content and interactions. To ease navigation, the number of pages was substantially reduced. The team improved content effectiveness, streamlined search and unified messaging. Digital purchasing was improved with pricing transparency and fewer clicks. Ultimately, IBM rolled out this approach to third-party resellers, ensuring all clients got the same best-in-class digital experience.

Onward, together

Recent feedback reveals users are finding “very relevant” to their business, calling the site “easier to navigate,” making them “eager to explore further pages and learn more.” The changes IBM is making are inspiring users to offer more suggestions — like adding self-service capabilities for clients who buy on — now prioritized by the Design team as the digital journey continues to evolve.

The site is easier to navigate. I'm eager to explore and learn more.

Front-end Application Developer