Feedback matters

Users of IBM Db2, a suite of hybrid data management products, shared feedback that the complex pricing model and “obscure licensing policy” made the tool hard to understand with too much risk. While Db2 was good and stable, multiple editions felt “forcibly merged,” making it difficult to track purchases with “rollercoaster pricing.”

Taking action

IBM reacted immediately to the feedback with three core actions aimed at community-wide solutions. Thirteen Db2 editions were consolidated into three, and the team shifted the pricing model so clients could quickly determine what to purchase and how much to spend without additional support.

Onward, together

Feedback guided targeted updates, profoundly improving user and purchase experience while adding value overall. All three editions — Db2 Community, Db2 Standard and Db2 Advanced — now share capabilities, simplifying choices for clients. The updated pricing inspired clients to declare Db2 “now competes favorably on price, but offers much more,” and that “as opposed to competitors, the IBM Db2 model is understandable and quite consistent.”

Complexity was reduced significantly. IBM Db2 purchasing is easier and the tool is better than ever.

Systems Engineering Manager