Feedback matters

Last year, feedback showed that the IBM Cloud experience was disjointed because the legacy system was not well integrated with the new Cloud platform. As a result, users experienced difficulty navigating both portals separately, and they encountered issues when effectively using IBM Cloud services to get their job done.

Taking action

To address these growing issues, IBM kicked off the Platform Unification Project, or PUP. PUP rallied engineers, offering managers and designers around a common goal: deliver a holistic, integrated IBM Cloud experience. The taskforce improved discovery and provisioning of services, access and user management, resource management and billing. A new centralized support experience was created. User testing took time but gave IBM the opportunity to use feedback throughout the process.

Onward, together

Users of the new version are twice as likely to complete tasks, describing how easy it is “to migrate applications to IBM Cloud” and how much they “appreciated the opportunity to test it.” This early success has inspired IBM to scale the PUP framework to other projects in Cloud to deliver a unified seamless experience for all IBM Cloud users.


It's much easier to migrate applications to IBM Cloud.

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