Feedback matters

Feedback from several long-term clients revealed transformation challenges. Specifically, they cited that several issues were pending resolution, underscoring their concern that IBM “did not understand our business.” IBM realized that although good teams were in place, this called for something more.

Taking action

IBM assembled an agile digital transformation squad comprised of IBM personnel with the client’s own IT experts, commercial staff and developers. An ongoing interlock was established to ensure that pending issues clients felt needed to be addressed were prioritized. Tens of thousands of delivery practitioners formed team structures aligned to client needs, representing the largest Agile implementation for IBM.

Onward, together

The clients’ follow-up feedback says it all: “The result was fantastic.” Across the board, digital transformation KPIs increased greatly, and IBM continues to receive positive feedback from customers and branches around the globe. For IBM, this deep structure change highlights the power of feedback to improve how value is delivered to client businesses.

IBM aligned their internal structure with how we do business, and our success shows it.

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