Your feedback inspires us

In the moments that matter, across every interaction with IBM, we are committed to helping you succeed by addressing needs and fueling business achievements.

With your feedback, we are:

Making experiences better

Delighting customers along their digital journey with IBM.

A cross-functional IBM Design taskforce stepped up, evolving site design, content and interactions.

IBM Support innovates customer experience.

Changing internal paradigms means bringing in the real experts: clients.

Putting Agile to work for client growth.

Innovation starts within. It’s true for clients and IBM.

With your feedback, we are:

Making innovations count

When solutions are improved, business grows.

Innovating effectively begins by analyzing feedback and taking action.

Clients depend on solutions that grow with them.

Innovating the technology clients rely on means investing in their success.

Unifying the cloud experience.

Integrating platforms for seamless migration.

Sweeping change through detailed feedback.

Teamwork and tenacity enable big fixes for complex solutions.

With your feedback, we are:

Making relationships stronger

Commitment to client success is critical.

Nothing is more important than supporting client success.

Asking, answering and adjusting.

Consistently working with clients to solve problems.

Longtime clients need new solutions.

Sometimes familiar territory yields new ways to grow.

How we capture your feedback

We’ve created an ecosystem of feedback that is gathered in real time across a multitude of experiences to understand your journey with IBM. We call them touchpoints, because it’s how we stay in touch.

Circle diagram showing touchpoints with arrows indicating IBM Relationship, Discover, Buy, Partner, Use, Consult and Support

Your feedback drives action

Advocacy starts when your feedback is gathered, analyzed and acted upon. When clients tell us what they need, IBMers in every role and every country strive to act on it immediately and deliver a better client experience. Learn more about how IBM collects and takes action on your feedback.

Fanned stack of three IBM Advocacy Handbooks

Thank you for your feedback

You made it all possible

Your insights and expertise guide and inspire us. Your contributions help us refine innovations, improve processes and support growth. Collaboration drives our achievements, but in the end, success belongs to you.

Share your experience with us.