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This is a picture of a list box with three proxied child elements. These elements are burger, fries, and cola. Burger is the currently selected child element.

This image is a diagram of the JFC architecture. The JFC architecture is built around AWT. The diagram shows that layered over AWT are components: Font; Color; Graphics; Tool Kit; Accessibility; Drag and Drop; Java 2D, AWT Event; Frame; Window; Dialog; and separately the AWT peered component set. Swing, which is part of JFC makes use of all components except the peered AWT components. This diagram shows your application as a collection of all the JFC elements. For the purposes of this document Swing is JFC - the peered components but will be used synonymously.

This image is a diagram that shows the key elements used to support the accessible interface. The diagram shows the JList selection model which is used to create AccessibleSelection. It shows the list model whose size determines the number of elements in the list and whose elements that are used to configure the list cell renderer to produce an accessible component which will be the accessible child created by the JList proxy. The diagram also indicates that JList implements Accessible.

This is image shows the accessible component architecture in JFC. The diagram shows a JFC component containing separate data and user interface components. To its left is a box defining the javax.accessibility.Accessible interface implement on the JFC component. The Accessible implementation operates off of changes in the data. A subset of the Accessible methods supported are shown here as: Role; States; Actions; Actions; Caret; Selection; Text; Value; Name; Children; and property change events. Connect to this interface is IBM's Access Engine which is a representative assistive technology.

This picture shows a sample JFC Notepad GUI application where every component is an accessible component. Lines are drawn from a box, called Assistive Technology Vendor (ATV) Software, to each accessible component in the Notepad application. Thes lines indicate direct interaction between the ATV software and the application components. This big picture indicates total accessibility from the ground up.