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Marc Yvon - ITES March 18th, 2016 in Deauville - France
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Marc Yvon speech at #CloudWeek in Paris

Our asset IPP (Intelligent Pervasive Platform) is the framework for our solutions : IPP is a 8 man-years development asset, using defined Points of Interest (POI) by category in the geo-localization context and user profile.

IPP allows to manage an IoT-platform. In a world more and more instrumented (i.e. connected cars) , and the Internet of Things emergence, IPP Sensor Extended provides a unique solution for integrating sensors, collecting data, controlling data quality (metadata and quality factors) and bridging requesters (application consuming data such as CO2 …) and providers (sensors). In this dynamic context, IPP filters the appropriate sensor data providers according to their geo-location, to their data type and to their quality.

IPP Sensor Extender leverages Business Analytics IBM tools to get proper insight on trends (repetitive patterns) and alert detections. It enables the full cycle from data acquisition to data visualization using the IBM RAVE asset (Rapidly Adaptive Visualization Engine). In addition, IPP supports Open Data as a source of information.

IPP Sensor Extender

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