Business Challenges

  • Allow the visitors to discover the museum through mobile technologies in a gaming interaction format
  • Cover different level of devices owners and targets: from 8 to 14 without connectivity
  • Create a consistent content strategy

IBM´s Solution

  • The applications delivered are based on the Human Centric Innovation’s “Intelligent Pervasive Platform ” architecture
  • By downloading the application on their phone, users can play treasure hunt via QR codes trying to detect the secret messages
  • We allowed users to create QR codes in order to communicate their “secret messages” to other visitors and attach them in a “tag wall”.
  • The application allows users to leave a feedback message and send it via web to the museum’s website feeding a tag cloud

Business benefits

  • Allow the museum to attract new visitors
  • Enable and “force” the visitors to discover hidden areas of the museum
  • Manage customized messages to the visitors
  • Save time in daily staff activities

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