Business Challenges

    Initiated and based on the ACT! project the mobile application AWADAO (AnyWhere AnyDevice AnyOne) dedicated to persons with disability who need to know what are the public / private locations where they can go depending on their accessibility. The city hall is in charge of the exact accessibility level for each point of interest (schools, shops, etc...) and may add or amend them as appropriate. Each user is anonymous but can give his ability profile to search for the adequate locations. Every individual can give a feedback on the experience by rating the proposed resource.

IBM´s Solution

  • Our business partner Urbilog has developped the mobile application connected to the IBM back-end solution based on our IPP asset. The solution is customisable depending of the size of the city. Have a look on the AWADAO website :

2013 EU Disability Matters - IBM Marketplace Honoree

Awadao Award

Business benefits

  • Promote a smarter way to interact with content and services in the cities
  • Cities and resources to be aware of users' needs to promote on-site accessibility
  • Involve as much as possible citizens engagement
  • Interact real time

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