IBM Accessibility research projects

This showcase of IBM accessibility research projects is from the IBM research laboratories around the world. These projects are conceived, designed, and tested by IBM researchers interested in making the world a smarter place – especially for people who have physical or cognitive disabilities, are learning a second language or struggling with literacy, or are experiencing diminished capabilities due to aging.

These research projects demonstrate research capabilities, and will eventually move into IBM products and services.


IBM solutions for accessibility can be a combination of hardware, software and consulting that enables your enterprise to improve human interaction with information technology – whether those humans are your customers, your partners, or your employees.

  • IBM Accessible Workplace Connection

    IBM Accessible Workplace Connection - Serves as a one-stop resource for users and administrators to request, supply, change, support and maintain accommodations for employees who have either permanent or temporary disabilities or medically-diagnosed limitations related to aging that impact their performance of essential job functions.
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  • IBM Access My City

    IBM Access My City - A smarter, more inclusive approach to mobile-enabled route planning that brings together real-time transit data, geo-location and mapping technologies and publicly available accessibility information and delivers it to a range of mobile devices to help city residents and visitors to navigate the city.
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AbilityLab Projects

The projects we work on help people to communicate, collaborate, and connect.

  • IBM AbilityLab Accessibility Mentor

    IBM AbilityLab Accessibility Mentor
    The IBM AbilityLab Accessibility Mentor guides project managers and developers through the process of including accessibility into their product development cycle. The accessibility mentor helps teams understand accessibility by listing current, available accessibility education and enabling the team to set up personalized learning plans. Project managers set up a milestones database and specify which checklists are applicable at each stage. The Accessibility Mentor helps in choosing the checklists and enables the project manager to record and monitor the team's progress.
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  • IBM AbilityLab Compliance Checker

    IBM AbilityLab Compliance Checker
    The IBM AbilityLab Compliance Checker is a governance policy verification service that can be integrated into various content creation and management applications. It checks against common industry accessibility standards and can be customized to accommodate an organization's specific policies, even those beyond accessibility.
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  • IBM AbilityLab Media Captioner and Editor

    IBM AbilityLab Media Captioner and Editor
    The IBM® AbilityLab™ Media Captioner and Editor uses advanced automatic speech recognition to create a transcript of Webcast, podcast, digital video or audio files. A built-in editor synchronizes playback with the printed lines of text so you can easily listen to and correct the transcript. When you’ve completed corrections, the Captioner and Editor merges the transcript with the original media to provide a high-quality open captioned version of your content.
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  • IBM AbilityLab Sametime Conference Transcriber

    IBM AbilityLab Sametime Conference Transcriber
    In this new world of global collaboration, you find yourself working with people around the world. You send them e-mails, dial in to conference calls and Web conferences and use instant messaging services like IBM Lotus Sametime to send and receive communications. Sametime even provides a function called Voice Chat, which enables you to speak with a colleague as if you're using a telephone. The IBM AbilityLab Sametime Conference Transcriber transcribes the words you speak into text for a colleague who is deaf or a co-worker who could benefit from seeing what you're saying (for example, someone trying to learn your language).
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  • IBM AbilityLab Sametime Language Translator

    IBM AbilityLab Sametime Language Translator
    The IBM AbilityLab Sametime Language Translator can convert typed communications sent or received with IBM Lotus® Sametime into 10 different languages, ideal for collaborating with colleagues around the globe.
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  • IBM AbilityLab Virtual Worlds Accessible User Interface

    IBM AbilityLab Virtual Worlds Accessible User Interface
    By providing a variety of communication, navigation, and perception functions using 2D screen reader-accessible GUI elements embedded in a browser-based application, the IBM® AbilityLab™ Virtual Worlds Accessible User Interface helps blind computer users navigate virtual worlds.
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  • IBM AbilityLab Voice Transcription Manager

    IBM AbilityLab Voice Transcription Manager
    The IBM® AbilityLab™ Voice Transcription Manager (VTM) administers the transcription of a conversation using the automatic speech recognition (ASR) application of your choice and displays the transcribed text in a variety of ways. VTM can work in office, social, and educational settings. Users can watch the transcription as a conversation progresses and can access the saved transcript for later use.
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