Each person’s cancer is unique, as is their treatment journey.

However, what is not unique is the devastating impact on those living with the disease and their loved ones, as well as the struggle oncologists face in working to deliver effective patient care. In fact, this is increasingly true given only 25 percent of cancer patients benefit from the first drug they are offered in treatment.1

Now, in partnership with Quest Diagnostics, collaborating with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK), UNC Lineberger (as seen on 60 Minutes), and over 20 other leading cancer institutions, we have an opportunity to give every clinician the ability to create a unique, personalized approach for their patients.

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Designed to Help Advance Cancer Care

After a patient’s tumor is sequenced by Quest Diagnostics, Watson analyzes the genetic alterations found to help identify potentially treatable mutations. This analysis can help oncologists identify targeted therapies for each patient’s individual cancer. This may help reduce treatment switching and can help identify clinical trials for which the patient may be eligible based on the tumor’s genetic landscape.

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Genetic Analysis

Watson further analyzes the genetic alterations of the tumor based on evidence extracted from a vast corpus of medical literature. This includes locating relevant information from free text unstructured data, which has historically required an in-depth manual curation by a team of experts. The resulting report can help guide your personalized treatment journey.

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Improved confidence

Watson Genomics from Quest Diagnostics® recommends unbiased, evidence-based approaches based on a detailed view of the tumor’s mutations, scientific journals, and MSK’s OncoKB, a precision oncology knowledge base to help inform precision treatment options for cancer patients. Comparison of literature that may typically take medical experts weeks to prepare can now be completed in significantly less time and can help patients and cancer care teams feel more confident regarding their care plan.

If you’re a healthcare professional who wants to bring the power of personalized medicine to your practice, learn more about Watson Genomics from Quest Diagnostics.

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