How It Works

Whether augmenting creativity in the kitchen, developing novel medical treatments, or helping law enforcement, Watson Discovery Advisor accelerates the discovery process, infusing innovation and novel insights into everyone’s activities.

Harness data like never before

Watson Discovery Advisor looks at disparate data sources within your domain to maximize breakthrough insights. And we can combine your data with hundreds of public and licensed data to harness the universe of information in your industry.

Learn more and more over time

Once your data has been integrated, it’s time for Watson to learn. Work with IBM to train Watson Discovery Advisor in cycles. Watson also ingests new information automatically as documentation and literature becomes available.


Delivers big insights, fast

Watson Discovery Advisor is trained and ready to evaluate and think like your top experts. Unlock insights, visualize possibilities, and validate theories faster than ever.

Watson Discovery Advisor for Life Sciences

Whether looking for a new drug target or detecting safety signals from adverse event reports, breakthroughs can be made across the life sciences functions. Watson Discovery Advisor for Life Sciences comes armed with expertise and understands field-specific lexicon in areas such as clinical trial data, genomics, drugs and human anatomy.