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Script conversations any way you like to answer questions, walk through processes, or just to chat! Note: The Dialog service is deprecated as of August 15, 2016. See its documentation for more information.


The IBM Watson Dialog service enables a developer to automate branching conversations between a user and your application. The Dialog service enables your applications to use natural language to automatically respond to user questions, cross-sell and up-sell, walk users through processes or applications, or even hand-hold users through difficult tasks. The Dialog service can track and store user profile information to learn more about end users, guide them through processes based on their unique situation, or pass their information to a back-end system to help them take action and get the help they need.

Intended Use

Walk a user through the steps to reset their password or help them choose a credit card. Developers script conversations as they would happen in the real world, upload them to the Dialog application and allow end users to get the help they need. This service should be used to enable back and forth conversations with a user. For example, clarifying questions, information gathering, walkthroughs and helping a user take an action.

You input

  • Script conversations based on your expert knowledge of the domain.

Service output

  • End users can chat with your application using natural language and get the pre-written responses you created.

Try it out

See what a conversation between virtual agents is like.

How it is used

Example App

Find a movie playing now or coming soon


Standard Service


First thousand API calls per month are FREE. Additional calls are $0.02 per call.

Only calls to the POST /conversation method are charged for.

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Use In Bluemix


Ready to get down to the details? Full documentation detailing how to get started using this Service in Bluemix is available for each Watson service.

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