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Pagos y beneficios

When it comes to having competitive compensation and benefits, IBM has long been a leader, and remains so today. But today, life and work have changed profoundly, so we still offer more of the less tangible, but no less critical, things that make work a pleasure and a fulfillment:
Greater flexibility in managing family life.
Greater freedom in charting your career development.
Greater say in shaping IBM's products and culture.
Pagos y beneficios

Cash compensation   Work and personal life balancing
Personal benefits   Stock purchase
Income protection   Retirement
Skill development   Additional programs

IBM has never been more diverse and entrepreneurial. We have never been more responsive to change from all levels of the organization. Ask anyone who's joined us within the past few years.

More than likely, they'll tell you the new IBM has the feel of a small company, with all the resources and benefits of a big one.

Here, you'll find a culture where difference is valued, and where advancement is based solely on achievement.

To attract and retain the best people, we're careful to make sure that the value of our Total Compensation package is effective.

How? By comparing our plans side by side with those offered by other companies.

And, of course, by listening to employees and new prospects for their reactions to our package and for ideas on how to make IBM an even better place to work.
Cash compensation

We provide a cash compensation opportunity (including base pay, variable pay, commissions, awards and other forms of earnings) that will attract, retain and motivate high performing employees. Your pay will be strongly influenced by the results you deliver and our overall business performance.

When our business objectives exceed the plan and you perform at the highest level, you'll have an earnings opportunity that places you among the best paid in the marketplace.

Variable pay program
The variable pay, or bonus, is based on how much you and your business unit contribute to the company's success, and how closely annual objectives are met in key areas. For most employees, the target varibable pay opportunity is 10%-15% of annual earnings-with the potential for far greater rewards for extraordinary performance.

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Personal benefits

IBM offers a benefits package which is competitive in the marketplace. They include medical coverage for you and your dependents, retirement plan, and health check-ups, among many others.

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Income protection

Some of the plans we offer include:

Sickness and accident income plans.
Long-term disability plan.
Group life insurance.
Travel accident insurance.
Long-term care insurance.
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Skill development

Being a company that's always on the brink of discovery, we want our employees to take full advantage of educational opportunities. Some of these include:

Tuition Refund
If aligned with business needs and approved in advance by your manager, you'll find we offer reimbursement of tuition and other eligible fees.

Educational Leaves of Absence
Under appropriate circumstances as determined by management, we offer unpaid time off to complete a course of study that is to the mutual benefit of IBM and the employee. Most benefits, including health care, continue to be offered and you are eligible to participate after two years of full-time employment.

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Work and personal life balancing

Of course, you´ll want time to relax, too. That´s why we give employees an attractive vacation package. We offer flexible work schedules. You can vary your daily arrival time within limits established by local management. Telecommuting and work week balancing schedules are available in many business units with prior management approval.

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Stock purchase

This plan allows you to contribute up to 10% of eligible compensation, each pay period, for the purchase of IBM stock. You'll pay 85% of the average market price per share on the date of purchase and you're eligible to participate this year if you begin employment before July 1.

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IBM´s Retirement Plan offers a competitive, company-paid retirement benefit plan with vested rights.

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Additional programs

Employee sales program
This program offers employees selected IBM personal computer hardware and software products at significantly less than suggested retail prices.

IBM Club
IBM also has clubs set up at various sites. These clubs organize recreational leagues, IBM sponsored trips, and a variety of classes and programs.

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