IBM SmartCloud for SAP CRM Rapid Deployment Solution

The challenge: Keeping up is no longer an option

Heightened competition and a more demanding consumer base are pushing organizations to learn how to respond to customer needs faster and more precisely. SAP CRM is undeniably one of the leading line-of-business solutions available today. IBM can help you take full advantage of SAP CRM functionality, providing rapid deployment capabilities and helping you ensure your CRM system is keeping you ahead of your customers and competition.

The solution: A cost-effective, reliable and flexible solution

The IBM® SmartCloud™ for SAP CRM Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) delivers quick implementation, increased efficiency, less complexity and optimized performance at a lower cost. And it’s changing the way IT professionals are designing their SAP landscapes.

SAP CRM helps you gain the essential business insights needed to connect with your target audience, coordinate marketing and sales, and provide outstanding customer service. What’s more, because this solution is deployed using the IBM SmartCloud, you can easily lower your infrastructure costs by simplifying your IT environment and reducing the need for higher system management skills.

The IBM SmartCloud for SAP CRM RDS gives you the flexibility to scale as your business grows, evolve into a full SAP CRM 7.0 solution on a private or public IBM SmartCloud solution or switch to a traditional on-premise IT model. The RDS combines SAP’s pre-configured CRM licenses and leverages IBM SmartCloud capabilities in a simple price per user monthly contract.

The benefits: Get the insights you need to connect with customers

By enabling quick implementation, increased efficiency, less complexity and optimized performance at a lower cost, the IBM SmartCloud for SAP CRM RDS can help you:

The solution can help you maintain and grow profitable market share by giving you the tools to hold on to existing customers and grow your existing customer base. These end results are achieved more efficiently than ever before with IBM SmartCloud because you can significantly transform your IT landscape with new cloud models that provide immediate value with minimal cost.

IBM SmartCloud can lower your infrastructure costs using either a public or private cloud environment. It provides the cost-effective reliability and flexibility you need to grow and expand your business nearly instantly and from anywhere in the world.

The proven cloud computing platform from IBM uses enterprise-class servers, storage and software, in a European, SAP Certified data center. The servers, storage and connectivity are sized to meet your needs and budget with predictable, dynamic pricing based on your actual usage. Enterprise-class hardware is partitioned to easily grow to help meet your most demanding business requirements.

IBM and SAP Alliance: Four decades of award-winning success

With a partnership that dates back to the founding of SAP 40 years ago, IBM has the close relationship, experience and expertise needed to help you make the most of your SAP investment. IBM stands out with a truly end-to-end, holistic set of offerings and capabilities that is unmatched in breadth, depth and quality. IBM offerings span the entire SAP requirements spectrum, from leading technology to comprehensive services to industry-specific solutions.

As further evidence of our strong working relationship, you can take a look at the extensive list of SAP Pinnacle Awards that IBM has won. In fact, IBM has won 25 SAP Pinnacle Awards since 2002—more than any other SAP partner.

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