Liner shipping solution from IBM and SAP

The challenge
Set a new course in the container shipping industry

Container shipping lines face several challenges in a competitive environment—high fuel costs and low freight rates, increasing customer demand for greater container shipment reliability at lower cost, and numerous point-based IT systems which tend to be strung together. Typically, there is an insufficient match between demand for container services and supply of container handling capacity. Shipping companies need to be able to meet their schedules or they incur huge costs. Companies also need to provide clients with automated, real-time event reporting so they know the location of their containers.

The solution
Provide real-time event reporting with automated data confirmation

The liner shipping solution from IBM and SAP can help your container shipping company tightly integrate processes from order to invoice. The solution comprises the back-end financial systems, and invoicing and charging modules, integrated with the front-end customer relationship management suite and the operational transportation planning and execution systems. These systems work together to handle the quote to contract or customer commitment; contract to booking; booking to bill; bill to invoice; and invoice to receivables sub-processes. Underpinning these processes is a product or service catalogue with associated service levels, capacity management and analytics to enable smarter transportation decision-making.

The benefits
Make informed decisions across your business value chain

By implementing the liner shipping solution, your container shipping company can take advantage of real-time event reporting and automated data confirmation to help improve customer service, streamline operations and standardize systems in a cost-effective manner. We do this by helping you:

The alliance partnership
IBM and SAP: World class proven capabilities

IBM and SAP, two recognized industry leaders, develop powerful solutions that help make sense of information and use it to empower your business. Our sustained investment in best-in-class technology and services reflects a longstanding commitment to the liner shipping industry, targeting our clients’ top-of-mind issues.

Our purpose is to bring together the best of IBM and SAP assets and capabilities to address the business needs and challenges facing liner shipping companies today. The liner shipping solution integrates SAP business applications with the best of IBM technology and delivery capabilities. Clients benefit from our alliance because together we bring concept to reality, lowering the risk of implementation and providing a faster time to market.

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