Predictive Maintenance solution for SAP clients

The challenge

What if you could prevent downtime?
Operating, maintaining and managing assets throughout their lifecycle can be expensive. Asset-intensive companies often lack visibility into asset health and are unable to accurately forecast downtime and costs. The ability to prevent downtime can help lower costs related to overtime, warranty expenses and lost productivity. The predictive maintenance solution from IBM and SAP brings together the expertise of IBM Research and technology of SAP HANA to enable the application of advanced analytics to equipment data and plant maintenance information. This can help you eliminate unplanned downtime, maximize asset use and optimize your maintenance schedules.

The solution

Fix it before it breaks
The predictive maintenance solution can access multiple data sources in real time to help you predict asset failure so your organization can avoid costly downtime and reduce maintenance costs. You can proactively predict failures before they happen, instead of fixing equipment after it breaks.

With the predictive maintenance solution, you can monitor, maintain and optimize assets for better availability, utilization and performance. Being able to predict asset failure also helps you optimize quality and supply chain processes. The solution goes beyond just monitoring asset sensors by integrating information taken from other sources such as environmental or facilities monitoring systems, and unstructured data such as text information from maintenance logs.

The benefits

Know when it’s time for repairs
The predictive maintenance solution analyzes data from multiple sources to help you make better informed decisions about managing your assets. The solution collects unstructured and structured data, generates predictive statistical models and displays alerts. The solution then recommends corrective actions and helps you analyze the root cause of the problem. This solution can help you:

A strategy workshop is also available to help you get started and evaluate your current business issues, concerns and future directions. IBM consultants can help you assess your options to design an overall architecture and solution roadmap to address your business needs.

The alliance partnership

The alliance partnership
Why IBM and SAP
IBM and SAP have been working together for more than 40 years and have a proven track record of helping companies build value enterprise-wide. SAP has awarded IBM its prestigious Pinnacle awards every year since its inception, for a record total of 28. The combined IBM and SAP portfolio spans a wide array of business management activities. It includes everything from traditional ERP applications to customer and supplier relationships, contract lifecycles, transportation, warehousing and beyond. IBM and SAP clients benefit from preconfigured and optimized application suites and solution infrastructures. Many solutions are also available as cloud-based services, simplifying deployment and reducing the need for capital investment. The continuing strong alliance between SAP and IBM is demonstrated at over 35 dedicated facilities for collaborative development, education, solution delivery and innovation.