Customer loyalty management solution for SAP clients

The challenge

Turn information into loyalty
The growth of retail channels and devices, and social media are causing a data explosion. And building brand loyalty is further complicated by shifting consumer demographics and financial constraints. As a result, improving the customer experience is a major challenge for most retailers. Membership loyalty programs are an essential part of the retail marketer’s toolkit when trying to inspire loyalty and improve the customer experience. But the problem is that loyalty information and data can be difficult to manage and retailers are often unable to generate insights they can use from the customer information they capture.

The solution

Rapidly launch loyalty membership programs
Customer information—at the marketing, sales and service levels—is crucial to overall business value. The customer loyalty management solution for SAP clients from IBM is designed to help your retail organization deploy full-featured loyalty programs quickly, easily and inexpensively on your SAP systems. In addition, the solution provides advanced analytics, so you can gain a deeper understanding of potential, new and existing customers. Armed with these insights, you can create highly targeted sales and marketing campaigns to increase customer satisfaction with the overall shopping experience. Build an engaging, intelligence-driven dialogue with customers to grow your customer base, increase loyalty and improve sales with help from IBM.

The benefits

Everything you need for a successful loyalty program
The customer loyalty management solution for SAP clients takes advantage of customer relationship management (CRM) innovations from IBM and SAP. The solution is designed to help retailers understand and use information about their consumers’ demands to convert prospects into first-time buyers, and first-time buyers into long-term customers. Simplify the design and implementation of your loyalty program with:

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The alliance partnership

Why IBM and SAP
IBM is a world-class provider of analytics, consulting and technology solutions. Our experienced analytics and retail practitioners have worked with some of the world’s best-known brands to build, deploy and maintain successful marketing and loyalty initiatives. IBM is consistently ranked as a leading system integrator by industry analysts including AMR, Aberdeen and Gartner. IBM and SAP have been working together for more than 40 years and have a proven track record of helping companies build value enterprise-wide. Our modular, relationship-based business framework is designed to deliver the highest levels of connectivity, control, integration and collaboration at every link in your value chain from employees to suppliers to customers.

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