Core banking transformation from IBM and SAP

The challenge

Move from complex to agile banking systems
In an industry where complexity in core banking systems can result in almost 30 percent to 40 percent overhead on total operating costs, banking executives who embrace transformation can differentiate their bank from the competition. But isn’t transforming core banking operations more complex and difficult than simply dealing with the systems already in place? In a word, no. For many banks it is not a question of whether they should transform, but when and how.

The solution

Transform core banking operations
IBM and SAP work together to deliver a comprehensive, flexible and proven core banking solution that enables you to efficiently meet customer demand and adapt to rapid business changes—all while delivering flawless, seamless service. IBM and SAP provide a solution that can give you the foundation needed for trusted information so it can be shared, reused, applied and managed as a strategic asset. It can also help de-layer your architecture, with more components that can easily accommodate new business requirements. SAP delivers the SAP for Banking solution portfolio based on elements that are modular, reusable and scalable.

The benefits

Adapt to rapid business change
Core systems transformation can help you cut costs today while investing in the future. Banks who optimize or transform core operations can improve efficiency, enhance their ability to grow, mitigate risk and become more resilient. Together, IBM and SAP can help you:

The alliance partnership

Two vendors with a single team strategy
IBM and SAP have joined our full capabilities and solutions around our proven best practices and customer successes. Our joint solutions can help improve your institution’s flexibility while reducing complexity. In fact, an independent study of joint IBM and SAP deployments confirmed higher customer satisfaction among executives and technical staff, in addition to lower overall expense.1

Together, IBM and SAP can help clients:

We deliver:

1Solitaire Interglobal Ltd, 2009

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