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Executive summary

The goal - Plug in to a new retail solution ecosystem

Today, retailers face a highly competitive marketplace with increasing pressure on revenue and margins, and decreasing customer loyalty. Customer expectations for personalized service and a tailored, innovative set of offerings continue to increase. Visionary retailers are transforming their store infrastructure to create integrated and flexible environments.

IBM and SAP can help you build an effective store and point-of-sale (POS) infrastructure that differentiates your business from your competitors—through an improved shopping experience and increased operational efficiency.

The advantage - Quickly address evolving business challenges

Increasing competition requires clear differentiation. Open POS solutions from IBM and SAP can enable business flexibility while helping to reduce operational costs and business risks. Our scalable configurations are packaged and proven for retail store environments and encompass business applications, middleware, infrastructure and services offerings for deployment and ongoing operations.

The solution can facilitate systems management and speed time to market for next-generation retailing capabilities, while protecting existing technology investments. It can help increase revenues and productivity by enhancing the customer shopping experience and making it easier for store employees to perform their duties.

The benefits - Stay ahead of the curve

Backed by IBM and SAP's track record of technology innovation and thought leadership in retail, our Open POS solutions can build the foundation for a new and flexible store infrastructure. Our solutions deliver virtual real-time information across systems, applications and devices throughout your business, and can help:

Business view

The goal - Plug in to next-generation retailing

In the ultra-competitive retail space, retailers must deliver a differentiated shopping experience with innovative and personalized service. Additionally, there is continuous pressure to improve operational efficiencies. To achieve these two objectives an integrated enterprise point-of-sale (POS) system and store infrastructure are critical. Enhanced POS features, including accurate and timely data about customer demand, multilanguage/multicurrency support and security-rich and integrated returns processing can give retailers the unparalleled ability to understand customer needs. Anticipate and respond to demand. Inspire loyalty to the brand.

The advantage - A long-term commitment to retail

IBM has provided dependable point-of-sale solutions to the retail industry for over 30 years.

The benefits - Revolutionize the store

Our Open POS solutions make it easy to quickly address evolving business challenges and create a competitive edge. They can help you:

The approach - Innovative technology brings hassle-free shopping

Duty Free Shops (DFS) worked with IBM and SAP to deliver an Open POS solution in its Okinawa, Hainan and Guam Airport and Galleria stores. The solution enables shoppers to easily and seamlessly move quickly through the airport, store their luggage, rent a car, shop at the Galleria and clear their purchases automatically through Customs. DFS plans in the future to use variations of the system in its shops throughout the world.

Here's how the new system works at the DFS Galleria: A traveler arrives at DFS Galleria and is issued a personalized PAX card that contains a smart chip. He checks in his luggage and has it moved directly to his rental car. He then enters the Galleria where he can shop—customers typically spend anywhere between three to four hours shopping in the state-of-the-art facility.

Even if he buys numerous items at one of the 85 point-of-sale systems in the large store, they all will be combined into one transaction, for easy declaration to customs. At each step along the way, he is identified by his PAX card, and each purchase is recorded automatically to ensure it meets Customs requirements.

The financial advantage - Relevant today and tomorrow

Our Open POS solutions can provide significant value as you transform your store infrastructure and processes. We can help you:

Technical details

The issues - Enable your business strategy with technology

Escalating point-of-sale (POS) maintenance costs. Outdated and inflexible store infrastructures. The need for more comprehensive and current information. The infrastructure decisions you make today will strongly influence your ability to leverage leading-edge technology tomorrow. Open POS solutions from IBM and SAP can help you meet these challenges with an integrated, open and flexible store infrastructure.

The benchmark - A flexible foundation to speed the technology adoption curve

Whether you require a checkout solution, tools for store associates, new consumer touch points, or new capabilities for the store, IBM and SAP can help you protect and extend your technology investments.

The components - Leverage open and industry standards

Our Open POS solutions make it easy to quickly address evolving business challenges and create a competitive edge. They can help you:

The implementation - A proven, low-risk solution

One of the early adopters of the joint offering from SAP and IBM is Duty Free Shops (DFS), a leading luxury retailer for international travelers. DFS implemented SAP Enterprise POS and IBM Store Integration Framework across stores in Japan, China and Guam, and has plans to enter more countries. By utilizing POS applications from SAP, which are integrated with IBM Store Integration Framework, DFS Group has created a seamless and convenient shopping experience for customers in its airport and Galleria locations.

The cost of ownership - Long-term investment protection

Open POS solutions from IBM and SAP provide an open and flexible infrastructure with a low total cost of ownership. Our solutions are designed to help you:

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