Electronics value chain management from IBM and SAP

Executive summary

The goal - Building speed. Cutting complexity.

Unpredictable product lifecycles coupled with continuously changing partnerships can lead to expensive and inflexible cost structures and supply chain models. Managing a globally dispersed supply chain can be risky. IBM can help you transcend traditional methods and transform your value chain to create a highly collaborative partner network.

The advantage - From consultation to collaboration

Electronics Value Chain Management (EVCM) from IBM and SAP can offer you consulting, applications and architecture to help reduce value chain inefficiencies. EVCM includes a powerful combination of tools, business processes and technologies, including:

IBM and SAP can help build a strong case for your transformation, establishing detailed, effective processes based on leading practices.

The benefits - A blueprint for better business

EVCM from IBM and SAP follows a proven methodology to build a customized value chain transformation for your business. We can help you:

Business view

The goal - Make every link flexible and responsive

How are you managing the pressures of supply and demand in today's complicated electronics arena? Are you in need of improving operational effectiveness? Electronics value chain management (EVCM) from IBM and SAP can help you enable rapid responses and achieve better asset utilization with consulting services, value chain management applications and back-end technology to support the process.

The advantage - Two leaders. One powerful solution.

IBM developed EVCM based on the methodology and business mode we used to successfully transform our own value chain, with insights including:

The benefits - Drive the market

EVCM offers the strategic planning, select applications and back-end technology necessary to streamline key functional areas, including:

IBM and SAP can help you achieve business value through effective end-to-end value chain management, including:

The benefits of streamlining your business with value chain management can include:

The approach - Proof in profitability

When Philips Consumer Electronics needed to quickly improve customer satisfaction and business profitability, they looked to IBM to create a future-focused supply chain strategy.

We launched a multifaceted initiative to address all process and infrastructure elements of the supply chain from procurement through manufacturing and order fulfillment. Best-in-class warehouse and transportation management were integrated in to Philip's SAP system:

The financial advantage - Greater efficiency, lower costs

Electronics value chain management from IBM and SAP can help your company save money by streamlining your value chain. We can help you:

Technical details

The issues - Shorter process time, faster to market

IBM and SAP offer strategies to deliver a responsive supply chain, speeding your time to market. Electronics value chain management (EVCM) leverages IBM's hardware and software offerings to significantly improve your organization's operational effectiveness by integrating middleware to tie together a mix of systems, as well as IBM hardware to increase your supply chains reliability and availability.

The benchmark - Partner with leaders in thought and practice

IBM developed electronics value chain Management based on the proven methodology and business models that were used to successfully transform our own value chain. With our extensive knowledge and resources, we can help you develop and deploy a comprehensive value chain management solution.

The components - Tighten up the network of interaction

Electronics value chain management from IBM and SAP helps you identify gaps in your supply strategies, while offering the technology to support value chain management initiatives.

Supporting infrastructure:

Available services include:

The implementation - Value chain management in action

Panasonic wanted to improve their business responsiveness. After analyzing the company's value chain requirements, the IBM project team developed a detailed infrastructure design for a new business environment that improved their business performance management and capacity planning of the supply chain infrastructure, including:

In another implementation, Sumitomo Electric needed to improve unfavorable purchasing conditions for raw materials, facilities and supplemental material for manufacturing, as well as inefficient operational processes. IBM implemented an Internet-based procurement and purchasing application which streamlined the process and improved performance.

The cost of ownership - Streamline operations and improve efficiency

Electronics value chain management from IBM and SAP can help you:

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