IBM Tivoli availability center for SAP

Executive summary

The goal - Control the unknown

The success of your SAP solution relies not only on the SAP application itself, but also on the larger infrastructure on which it runs. This infrastructure is highly complex, featuring various elements that interrelate with one another and include many unknown dependencies. All can affect the performance of your SAP solution. End-to-end management is needed, especially in a service environment. The IBM Tivoli® availability center for SAP provides the tools to monitor, diagnose and effectively manage your entire system.

The advantage - Comprehensive SAP management

IBM offers a single management portal from which you can monitor the performance and manage the availability of your entire SAP ecosystem, including SAP NetWeaver. The IBM Tivoli availability center for SAP:

The benefits - Improve productivity

Business units that rely on SAP to support their applications—such as finance, logistics or corporate services—frequently lack a clear view into SAP application performance. End-user productivity and business performance suffer when problems and outages occur.

The added time it takes to detect, isolate, diagnose and resolve problems within the SAP landscape can mean lost revenue for the business. Any unplanned downtime in the SAP landscape can translate to lost revenue for a business. IBM Tivoli helps minimize this risk by detecting, isolating and diagnosing potential problems before it affects the business. The IBM Tivoli availability center for SAP can help bring visibility, control and automation to mission-critical SAP applications.

Business view

The goal - Innovate and respond

Are you trying to improve collaboration and reduce labor costs in a dynamic business and technology environment? Is innovating your business and responding to challenges in a global economy critical to your growth? When revenues and productivity depend on the availability of SAP applications, you need the end-to-end management of your SAP landscape that the IBM Tivoli® availability center for SAP delivers.

The advantage - Enhance the capabilities of your SAP solutions

IBM offers proven expertise when it comes to supporting SAP systems used to build, run and manage your operation.

The benefits - Monitor business processes across the enterprise

The IBM Tivoli availability center for SAP monitors SAP business transactions and applications. By monitoring a broad range of transactions, the solution can help:

The approach - Firm builds efficient solution

A building materials group based in Europe with revenue of US$1.8 billion and operations in 39 countries found it difficult to supply information rapidly and cost-effectively. By using IBM System i5™ and IBM BladeCenter® servers to run IBM DB2® databases, the firm has created an easy-to-manage, highly reliable infrastructure capable of scaling for thousands of users.

As a result, centralized SAP applications deliver more accurate planning, financial and logistics information, which helps to reduce business costs. And new customer relationship management applications are delivering enhanced service to customers.

The financial advantage - Improve SAP efficiency

When revenues and productivity depend on the availability of SAP applications, you can benefit from the IBM Tivoli availability center for SAP. It offers a complete, integrated way to holistically manage SAP landscapes and underlying resources to help optimize SAP application availability and service quality. It monitors virtually all SAP components, including the underlying resources they rely on, in an end-to-end fashion. The solution also helps reduce:

Technical details

The issues - Simplify administration of your SAP ecosystem

For IT operations managers, managing SAP performance and disparate, heterogeneous systems involves substantial costs and IT hours. In addition, many administrators have to manually correlate information from third-party or homegrown management tools. The IBM Tivoli® availability center for SAP offers a single management portal from which you can monitor the performance and manage the availability of your entire SAP ecosystem. The solution is also a key cornerstone for implementing service-level management.

The benchmark - Increase plant capabilities

The IBM Tivoli availability center for SAP is built on Tivoli software, which supports the IBM Service Management Model, a scalable, modular approach used to deliver more efficient and effective services to your business.

The components - SAP management made easy

The IBM Tivoli availability center for SAP brings together powerful IBM software products that help ensure the availability and performance of your SAP system.

Together, these tools provide a centralized way to discover the components and interrelationships of the SAP system and monitor the following:

IBM consulting services help you establish a strategy that can lead to a fully functioning solution—and then implement it. The following services can help you leverage best practices for designing and implementing SAP solutions that are based on successful customer engagements around the world.

The combination of the included products and the services can help organizations automate and simplify IT tasks related to their SAP environment, allowing staff to focus on their main mission of enabling the business, while also reducing the total cost of ownership through faster time to value.

The implementation - Retailer builds a solid IT foundation

A leader in the field of industrial automation and safety, based in Germany, wanted to consolidate their SAP servers to a strategic technology platform that would allow the company to exploit server partitioning and virtualization. The challenge was to find a cost-efficient way to protect data and deliver very high system availability. IBM and SAP developed a solution that not only protects data with new mirroring techniques, but also actively manages the SAP applications and infrastructure to provide enhanced reliability. Two IBM System p5™ 550 servers have been clustered for high availability with IBM Tivoli System Automation for Multiplatforms.

The cost of ownership - Accelerate project execution

To speed implementation of the IBM Tivoli availability center for SAP, IBM Global Technology Services consultants install and configure the solution to meet your business objectives.

We draw on a broad range of capabilities and a comprehensive portfolio of business and IT consulting services. In addition, we offer:

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