Supply chain optimization for chemical and petroleum from IBM and SAP

Executive summary

The goal - Optimize your supply chain

Information visibility and integration of orders, plans, supplies, inventory and shipments is crucial to successfully coordinating all aspects of your supply chain. The supply chain management solution from IBM and SAP is designed to help drive efficiency through your network, optimizing supply chain operations.

The advantage - Small changes. Big gains.

Many chemical petroleum stakeholders believe that a demand-pull supply chain is the secret to supply chain optimization. IBM doesn’t believe that’s true. Balancing supply push with demand-pull can help your company become more responsive to market demand within the constraints of this unique industry.

To be an enterprise that can respond quickly to marketplace shifts typically requires a pure demand-pull model. However, because the your industry simply cannot change refinery operations as extensively or as quickly as needed, IBM believes that the best—and most pragmatic—approach is one of balance between supply-push and demand-pull.

The benefits - Complete supply chain management

The supply chain management solution from IBM and SAP can help provide the ability to:

Business view

The goal - Use your supply chain to manage demand

Are you collaborating with your suppliers, vendors and customers as effectively as possible? Can you handle increased customer requirements, while shortening order and product cycle times? The supply chain management solution from IBM and SAP is designed to help streamline your overall supply chain.

The advantage - Why IBM and SAP?

The IBM and SAP alliance has combined SAP's powerful enterprise software with IBM's global e-business infrastructure to create a unified, open-standard e-business platform for over 30 years. Together, we can help you implement new systems and help get the most out of your supply chain.

The benefits - Gain the most out of your supply chain

The supply chain management solution from IBM and SAP is designed to help you get the most out of every aspect of your supply chain operations, including:

Once implemented, our solution can help your enterprise:

IBM Global Business Services draws on its full breadth of supply chain management capabilities to address the challenges that clients in all industries are facing. Our consulting and implementation services can help you plan, design, implement and run your new supply chain solution. Services can include:

The approach - Real world results

Plastipak competes for international contracts to supply containers and packaging. Following fivefold growth inside ten years, Plastipak's business expenses were rising. Without a global view of its manufacturing operations, the company found it hard to standardize its processes and reduce costs-key stages in its expansion program.

IBM helped Plastipak build a resilient supply chain management solution based on SAP Business Suite, working with Sirius, an IBM Premier Business Partner, and IBM Global Financing. A single IBM System i™ platform provides a scalable, flexible platform for SAP software, enabling a central view of all manufacturing operations.

The financial advantage - Complete supply chain management solution

The supply chain management solution from IBM and SAP is designed so you can get the most out of your investment. We can help you:

Technical details

The issues - Manageable infrastructure

Do you want to transform your existing linear supply chain systems into an open, adaptive supply chain network? The supply chain management solution from IBM and SAP can help integrate the planning, execution, coordination and collaboration elements of your supply chain into a successful, manageable infrastructure.

The benchmark - Proven technology

The supply chain management solution from IBM and SAP is:

SAP NetWeaver, a comprehensive integration and application platform, is an integral component of SAP Supply Chain Management. By reducing the need for custom integration, it helps you lower total cost of ownership and enables an Enterprise Services Architecture that allows:

The components - The tools and technology you need

The supply chain management solution from IBM and SAP is designed to manage your enterprise-wide supply chain network.

Key components of the SAP Supply Chain Management solution can include:

IBM also offers some of the best in hardware, middleware and services.

The implementation - Technology that works

The leading producer of enzymes, Novozymes and its customers needed to improve their existing collaborative planning forecasting and replenishment (CPFR) processes, thereby reducing inventory management and ordering burdens for its clients. Novozymes engaged IBM Global Business Services to create a more integrated and simplified supply chain framework that enables it to take over its customers' inventory management.

Key benefits of the solution included:

The cost of ownership - Lower your total cost of ownership

The supply chain management from IBM and SAP can help you cut overall IT costs and lower total cost of ownership by offering:

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