New product development and introduction from IBM and SAP

Executive summary

The goal - Move new products boldly forward

Research and development costs are rising. Changing consumer demands are shortening product lifecycles. And you're being pressured to lower prices. Winning consumer product companies will accelerate the innovation process and narrow their focus on the most profitable brands. Using an integrated approach to processes new product development and introduction from IBM and SAP can accelerate product development and provide deep insights for innovation.

The advantage - Starting points for new product development

Many companies require a flexible approach to new product development and introduction (NPDI). You may want to implement an entire solution or simply close some gaps in the process. Therefore, IBM and SAP bring a selection of different ways to implement a solution, step-by-step. Possible starting points include:

The benefits - A track record of delivering value with impact

IBM has a track record for SAP implementations with unique distinctions.

New product development and introduction from IBM and SAP can begin at original insight and concept discovery and cover brand activation at point of sale. Using an integrated approach to processes the solution can help deliver:

Business view

The goal - Going above and beyond product lifecycle management

Will your brand and product portfolio deliver the growth targets you have set? Do your new products match targeted consumer needs? Are your retail partners onboard for an effective launch? IBM and SAP can deliver the processes and systems you need to resolve these issues. Our solution addresses the complexity of the consumer product environment, streamlines process management and provides visibility and measurement capabilities across the enterprise.

The advantage - We deliver on our promises

Together IBM and the former PwC Consulting have won more awards around the world than any other SAP implementation partner. We have won SAP's Award of Excellence every time it has been offered, for eight years running. And we have ranked number one in client satisfaction among SAP integrators.

As the leading integrator of business process transformation leveraging technology solutions, IBM Global Business Services uses a proven, benefits-driven approach that differentiates us from the competition. We:

The benefits - Unlock business value across your organization

New product development and introduction from IBM and SAP includes the process of defining the product strategy, managing the program, gathering requirements, developing the product, sourcing for suppliers involved and managing the production ramp-up. Our joint solution uses proven SAP components and best practice business knowledge from IBM, to unlock business value across your organization.

The approach - Fast-track to results

A leading health and beauty retail chain based in the U.K. needed help aligning business objectives with information technology to boost their new product development and introduction processes. They wanted to maximize their success by deploying a fast-track pilot project and turned to IBM to understand the product development process and help—sometimes skeptical—people see where benefits could be gained. As a result our client:

The financial advantage - Benefits realized from recent projects

Consumer products companies are already seeing the benefits of the new product and development solution from IBM and SAP. Recent projects demonstrate:

Technical details

The issues - Your partner for solution implementation

Are your systems integrated to provide for data sharing across your enterprise and with business partners? In order for consumer product companies to survive and thrive today, business operations need to be streamlined. Directors, product managers, developers, marketing, financial managers and partners all need to be in synch to expedite product development and delivery. IBM and SAP can partner with you to help implement the right solution for you.

The benchmark - A fusion of business insight with technology

IBM uses innovative thinking to produce tangible solutions for accelerated and sustainable impact to consumer product companies. We use our global resources to unlock business value with solutions that provide sustainable impact. And that is why we have worked with SAP for 30 years.

The components - New product development and introduction (NPDI)

Whether you are just starting to think about NPDI, working towards a comprehensive process or simply need to close a few gaps, combining SAP components with IBM best practices and business process knowledge gives you a range of options to fit your unique needs.

Project and Resource Management (SAP xRPM, cProjects Suite)

Product Definition (SAPxPD)

Product Development (SAP PLM)

Supply Chain Planning (SAP SCM)

Strategic Sourcing (SAP SRM, cFolders)

Prototyping and Production Ramp-Up (SAP PLM, SAP SCM)

Market Launch (SAP CRM and IBM WebSphere® Product Center)

The solution can also include industry-leading hardware, software and middleware from IBM.

The implementation - A client—on the fast track

A leading health and beauty products retailer in the U.K. wanted a fast-track pilot project and believed using external expertise would maximize the benefit gained. The pilot had an eight-week development stage then eight weeks to work with the changes, get results and apply lessons learned before ERP program rollout.

In a series of workshops, IBM Global Business Services and our client's staff worked through current processes to spot potential opportunities. IBM identified that the company's stage gate process had more stages and gates than necessary. IBM introduced goal directed project management. This continually tests processes by starting with business objectives and working out how these can be achieved.

The cost of ownership - 99% on-time, on-budget delivery

IBM boasts a track record of measurable results and an approach that has resulted in 99% of our implementations realizing on-time, on-budget delivery. New product development and introduction from IBM and SAP is designed to:

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