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Executive summary

The goal - Access to mission-critical data

Business success depends on sound, timely decisions based on all the relevant and accurate facts and figures. But with today’s ever-increasing data volumes, turning information into actionable insight is a major challenge. Moreover, high availability and 24x7 access to business data is increasingly the norm for companies with global reach. The business intelligence solution from IBM and SAP can help deliver mission-critical data across your enterprise to enhance strategic decision making and gauge future business needs more accurately.

The advantage - Collaboration, innovation and leadership

SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence (BI), running on an IBM hardware and software infrastructure can help your company create a successful IT infrastructure, no matter what the size or sector. Manage, integrate and analyze mission-critical information. Our solution offers an accurate, complete, virtual real-time view of your enterprise, through an open, end-to-end offering. Improve the performance of queries, reduce administration tasks and shorten batch processes. Leverage consistently fast response times, even as data volumes, number of users and analytics increase.

The benefits - Manage, integrate, analyze

Access to current internal and external data is critical for staying ahead of the competition. Our solution can help you:

Business view

The goal - Access to mission-critical data

Access to up-to-date data is a vital part of your daily operations. Get the right information at the right time. Quickly respond to a changing environment. A business intelligence solution from IBM and SAP can help you aggregate and leverage this information, giving you a system-wide view of your business data and delivering it across your enterprise to help support sound business decisions.

The advantage - Collaboration, innovation and leadership

The IBM and SAP alliance has combined SAP's powerful proprietary software with IBM’s global business infrastructure to create a unified, open-standard platform. Together, we can help you quickly integrate data and business information across your enterprise.

The benefits - Manage, integrate, analyze

SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence (BI), running on an IBM hardware and software infrastructure can help your company collect, analyze and distribute critical data.

The solution provides a full suite of end-user reporting and analysis tools, including:

This end-to-end implementation can give your business the ability to:

The approach - A successful solution implementation

Bayer MaterialScience (BMS) was seeking approaches to cope with the rapid growth in data volume generated within its SAP Netweaver Business Intelligence (BI) data warehouse system both now and in the future. If it could collate data and produce meaningful information more rapidly, the company would be well positioned to respond to a fast-changing marketplace.

The business implemented a high-performance information analysis system solution, based on SAP Netweaver BI with business intelligence accelerator functionality and IBM BladeCenter.

Remarkably faster business query results mean that Bayer MaterialScience can answer ad hoc and "what-if?" questions more quickly, producing meaningful information that helps the company to be more innovative and stay ahead of its competitors.

The financial advantage - Control costs, manage risks

A business intelligence solution from IBM and SAP can help you control costs, manage risk and gain a higher return on your investment by:

Technical details

The issues - Mission-critical availability

Is your infrastructure equipped to manage large quantities of data coming in daily from legacy and disparate systems? How quickly can you implement new solutions? Respond to business needs? SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence (BI), running on an IBM hardware and software infrastructure, can help you integrate systems to collect, analyze and utilize enterprise data, all through an enterprise portal.

The benchmark - IT innovation and expertise

IBM is the leading systems integrator involved in joint development of SAP industry-based solutions. Together, we offer your business the best in IT innovation and industry expertise, addressing daily business operations and offering you the latest in hardware, software and services. Our solution:

The components - The tools and the technology

IBM and SAP jointly provide a powerful business intelligence solution that includes everything from hardware and applications to IBM Global Business Services consulting, implementation and financing services. As part of the SAP Business Suite, SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence offers:

SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence, runs on an IBM hardware and software infrastructure and is customized for each client from the following components:

The implementation - A successful solution mplementation

The Bundeswehr, the national defense force of Germany, uses SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence to analyze complex data sets for controlling, balanced scorecards, logistics and HR planning and reporting. With the number of SAP NetWeaver BI users set to double to 4,000, the Bundeswehr needed to boost query performance and enable more concurrent user sessions.

To further optimize performance and gain greater query flexibility, the Bundeswehr implemented SAP NetWeaver BI Accelerator—an innovative analytical engine within SAP NetWeaver BI. It enables customers to analyze large amounts of critical business information, crunching through terabytes of data in a matter of seconds.

The Bundeswehr uses the application to accelerate 100 InfoCubes from the SAP NetWeaver BI system. These cubes have on average 10 key figures and up to 80 million rows, together totaling around 1.5TB in the database. The SAP NetWeaver BI Accelerator has compressed these cubes by a factor of 12 (original GB size/indexes in memory). The entire indexing process took only around 60 minutes per 100 million rows to complete.

The cost of ownership - Maximum IT return

The business intelligence solution from IBM and SAP can provide you with the tools and technology you need for an end-to-end implementation. We can help you with:

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