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Executive summary

The goal - Take your sales to the next level

Customer information, at the marketing, sales and service levels, is crucial to your overall business value. If customers aren’t happy, sales will lag and business will be lost. The customer relationship management (CRM) solution from IBM and SAP helps you understand and utilize your consumers’ demands, converting prospects into first-time buyers and first-time buyers into long-term customers.

The advantage - Customer experience is key

Using an integrated database as a single repository for customer information, this CRM solution delivers administrative functionality that is easy-to-use, simple-to-customize, and quick to roll out. The solution features can include:

The benefits - Act quickly. Grow strategically.

The CRM solution from IBM and SAP can help you respond more accurately to your customers needs, learn their habits and increase customer interaction. This information can help your business:

Business view

The goal - Deliver service without compromise

Customers are the driving force behind business innovation, and companies are looking to customer relationship management (CRM) solutions to help add value to all levels of their enterprise. The CRM solution from IBM and SAP helps to optimize and integrate your internal and external information—from sales forecasts to marketing campaigns—helping you become a more customer-driven enterprise.

The advantage - The longest standing and strongest alliance

The IBM and SAP alliance has combined SAP's powerful enterprise software with IBM's global infrastructure tools to create a unified, open-standard platform for over 30 years. Together, we can help you implement a comprehensive solution, leveraging existing systems and providing a low total cost of ownership.

The benefits - Reap the rewards of loyalty

The CRM solution from IBM and SAP can help your company address customer interaction through all four phases of the customer interaction lifecycle.

To address these key business issues, the solution offers:

Through implementation of our CRM solution, you can have the ability to:

The approach - A solution implementation

IBM and SAP have everything you need to implement a successful CRM solution. Together, we've helped many businesses realize their CRM goals, including an Austrian coffee company that needed an integrated call center solution.

The company chose the SAP CRM with Customer Interaction Center (CIC) and, after a quick three-month implementation, started seeing results. Running on IBM hardware, the application quickly provided call center agents with all relevant information for order entry, permitted the processing of credit notes and delivered quantity issues and notifications of deliveries and defective goods. Along with that, the system also displayed targeted, weekly offers for the customer profile and created a call list on a daily basis, helping ensure customers were contacted regularly.

The financial advantage - Eliminate to streamline

The CRM solution from IBM and SAP can help you manage and cultivate profitable customer relationships, allowing for a faster return on your overall investment. We can help you:

Technical details

The issues - Cost effective, immediate integration

When looking for a customer relationship management (CRM) solution, you need to make sure it’s compatible with your existing infrastructure. A lengthy network disruption could mean a huge loss of business. The CRM solution from IBM and SAP features an open standards-based infrastructure that can integrate with your current systems, helping to keep implementation costs to a minimum and offering low total cost of ownership.

The benchmark - We do IT

IBM and SAP can provide your company with some of the best in IT innovation and expertise the industry has to offer.

The CRM solution from IBM and SAP delivers:

The components - Design your new CRM blueprint

IBM and SAP can help you deliver a customer-centric, relationship-based CRM solution with the best in applications and technology that both have to offer.

As part of the mySAP Business Suite, mySAP Customer Relationship Management features:

An end-to-end customer relationship management solution can also include powerful hardware, software, middleware and services.

Also included is IBM Global Business Services consulting, implementation and financing services that can help with everything from the design to the actual implementation of your new solution.

The implementation - A solution implementation

Together we have helped many clients build a complete, end-to-end CRM solution, including an Austrian coffee company. The company needed an integrate call center and chose the SAP Customer Relationship Management solution because of its intuitive interface and its support of the B2B and e-procurement centers, from the fully-integrated call center through to electronic support for the mobile sales team.

The IBM and SAP CRM installation included:

The cost of ownership - Flexible, open architecture

The CRM solution from IBM and SAP can help you cut overall IT costs and implement an integrated, cost-effective IT infrastructure, featuring an open standards based technology framework. Our solution is designed to:

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