IBM DB2 and SAP Business All-in-One

Executive summary

The goal - The power of an enterprise-class solution

Your business needs efficient, streamlined processes. Easy access to vital facts and figures. Systems flexible enough to adapt and grow with your changing needs. But the solutions that deliver these benefits can strain budgets. Emerging businesses with limited time, IT personnel and finances may feel the answer is just out of reach. IBM DB2® and SAP Business All-in-One can provide the powerful and scalable comprehensive business capabilities you need at a price you can afford.

The advantage - A powerful combination of efficiency and affordability

For businesses that need a single solution to support all crucial processes—enterprise resource planning, financial management, supply chain management, customer relationship management—IBM DB2 and SAP Business All-in-One offers a high level of efficiency at an affordable price.

We partner to build, deploy and manage an enterprise solution using proven methodologies and leading technical components from IBM and SAP that are optimized to work together. Fast, scalable and ready to run, our solution can deliver rich industry-specific functionality with the support of a comprehensive network of SAP business partners.

Predefined processes—such as procurement, financial close and sales tracking—can easily be configured to meet the special needs of your business. Collaborate seamlessly with employees, partners, customers and suppliers. Integrate users, processes and data, creating unparalleled efficiencies. This can add up to a rapid return on your investment to help your organization grow and succeed.

The benefits - Bring greater power to your business

By optimizing operations and configuring business processes to your specific needs, IBM DB2 and SAP Business All-in-One can enable emerging organizations to drive new business value—raising revenues by identifying and exploiting new opportunities, increasing innovation, improving the effectiveness of sales and marketing campaigns, and enhancing supply-chain visibility and customer responsiveness. The solution can help provide:

Business view

The goal - A tailored solution for emerging businesses

Prospecting new customers. Managing existing customer relationships. Increasing employee productivity. Your business has different priorities and challenges. No matter your industry, operational efficiency can be the key to growth and profitability. To gain a competitive advantage, you need a strategic and operational technology investment that can address your myriad business challenges. IBM DB2® and SAP Business All-in-One is a fast and scalable solution that can help you meet these challenges.

The advantage - Comprehensive industry-specific support

IBM and SAP are no newcomers to the needs of emerging businesses. Currently, more than half of SAP customers have less than 1,000 employees or annual revenues under US$1 billion. We can assist you with your business needs.

The benefits - Proven reliability, attractive pricing

With IBM DB2 and SAP Business All-in-One supporting your enterprise-wide systems and business processes, you can count on the following benefits:

And you can do all this while working more efficiently, reducing costs and streamlining processes.

The approach - Real-time reporting for Mrs. T’s Pierogies

Ateeco manufactures and distributes over 11.5 million pierogies a week. It's a highly competitive environment, especially for small companies that sell nationwide to much larger retailers.

Customers ordering products in large volumes exert a constant pressure on pricing which means that Ateeco’s manufacturing processes must be highly efficient—especially as raw material costs increase and fuel prices continue to rise. Ateeco needed to analyze business data and quickly turn it into useful information.

IBM DB2 and SAP All-in-One is an ideal solution for companies that need to deploy quickly. By implementing the solution, Ateeco has eliminated lengthy batch processing, and is able to access key business information in near real time.

“Last month’s sales reports are now ready on day one of the new month,” says Tim Coyle, IT manager at Ateeco. “And our monthly financial close used to take a full week to complete, whereas the SAP All-in-One solution gets it done in two days—a 70% improvement. We can also perform automatic accruals upfront, which makes the reporting more accurate.

The financial advantage - Protecting your long-term investments

IBM DB2 and SAP Business All-in-One is fast and scalable, but more importantly, it’s affordable—delivering an exceptionally low cost of ownership. Our solution offers:

Technical details

The issues - The full power of SAP and DB2

Why piece together hard-to-combine and difficult-to-maintain point solutions or customize rigid applications to support your varied enterprise systems needs? Invest instead in an offering that is integrated and preconfigured to run faster, out of the box. You will find that you can implement IBM DB2® and SAP Business All-in-One more quickly and with a faster, better return on your investment. And when your needs change, our scalable solution grows along with your business.

The benchmark - Value you can count on

IBM and SAP can offer your business IT innovation and industry expertise, along with the latest in hardware, software and services. Our solution:

The components - Simpler, faster, more flexible deployment

When it comes to choosing a comprehensive enterprise solution, IBM DB2 and SAP Business All-in-One can help drive down costs by increasing developer productivity, simplifying database development and providing an autonomic database that installs, configures, tunes and heals itself. Components may include:

The implementation - optimizes business performance GmbH provides IT outsourcing and data center services to mid-market utility companies. As part of a migration from SAP R/3 software to SAP ERP software, analyzed the costs of running the database and determined that IBM DB2 Universal Database™ (UDB) offered the best solution. Ulrich Klenke, CIO of, explains, "We concluded that DB2 UDB would cost 40% less over five years, including licensing, maintenance and migration."

With the IBM and SAP solution, expects to greatly simplify its physical infrastructure and make better use of its investment in computing resources. Other benefits include:

The cost of ownership - The latest technology, lower cost of ownership

Implement IBM DB2 and SAP Business All-in-One using rapid, proven methodologies that can slash costs by more than 50% over conventional approaches. These include features built into IBM DB2 to help you:

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