SAP CRM Rapid-Deployment Solution on the IBM
Cloud, optimized by IBM DB2 and IBM POWER7

The challenge

Sharpen your customer focus
Being responsive to customer needs and able to predict future behavior is vital for retaining your best customers. The SAP CRM rapid-deployment solution on the IBM Cloud, optimized by IBM® DB2® and IBM POWER7®, can help you gain the essential business insights needed to make more intelligent decisions, sharpen your customer focus, and better manage marketing resources. Utilizing a cloud-based solution enables you to do more at a lower cost.

The solution

A no-compromise cloud for your business
A cloud computing platform can provide the cost-effective reliability and flexibility you need to grow and expand your business nearly instantly and from anywhere in the world. This offering from IBM and SAP for the rapid deployment of SAP CRM is built on an IBM-secured, shared private production cloud using enterprise class servers, storage and software. The servers, storage and connectivity are sized to meet your needs and budget with predictable, dynamic pricing based on your actual consumption. Enterprise-class hardware is partitioned to smoothly grow and meet your most demanding business requirements.

Forget managing a highly complex environment that requires trained resources. We offer a no-compromise cost-effective global business enterprise cloud for your business. This complete solution includes plug-and-play features that virtually eliminate installation complexity so implementation is quick, risks are lowered and flexibility increased. Basic services and support are included with options for expanded services, and real-time security and monitoring with 24x7 response is included.

The benefits

Expand virtually anywhere
IBM and SAP can help you control your customer business intelligence, integrate marketing and sales, and provide higher value for both your customers and the organization. From marketing to sales, SAP CRM can help you:

DB2 is the leading database choice because it is optimized for SAP software, and it delivers tighter integration, optimized performance and better overall value for your investment. And POWER7 systems incorporate a number of industry-unique technologies for the specialized demands of CRM applications and services that rely on processing an enormous number of concurrent transactions and data while analyzing that information in real time.

The alliance partnership

IBM and SAP—a collaborative partnership
IBM has an established reputation as a global leader in providing SAP services and we have received more than 170 software certifications from SAP. We were SAP’s first alliance partner and have been an SAP global alliance partner for nearly 40 years. We have a broad understanding of how technology can be used to facilitate your company’s business processes. And our leadership position in SAP application support and consulting services, places us in a prime position to create solutions that can maximize the value of your investment in SAP to help you succeed in today’s turbulent global economy.

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SAP CRM Rapid-Deployment Solution on the IBM Cloud, optimized by IBM DB2 & IBM POWER7