SAP Extended Warehouse Management

Optimized by IBM DB2 and IBM Power7

The challenge

A challenged logistics environment
Businesses that have an existing warehouse management solution may find it capable of meeting the historical needs of the business, but unable to adapt to current and future requirements. The SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) application, optimized by IBM® DB2® and IBM Power7®, can help you meet this challenge with better risk management and improved inventory visibility, so you can adapt to customer expectations—at lower cost.

The solution

A modern warehouse management system
SAP EWM is a state-of-the art, best-in-class warehouse management application that allows high warehouse productivity and efficiency. You can integrate the warehouse management processes with other key logistics and fulfillment processes, like transportation management, global trade management, available-to-promise checks and event management.

IBM and SAP can help you modernize your warehouse management system with a cost-effective deployment model. With deployment by IBM as a natural footprint expansion for SAP customers, SAP EWM addresses the technology obsolescence challenge IT departments face in the area of warehouse management. It also addresses the business-side challenges faced by supply chain professionals by extending supply chain operation capabilities beyond company boundaries and enabling collaboration.

The benefits

A superior management engine
A natural complement to your SAP environment, SAP EWM addresses the business and technology challenges you face when managing your warehouse. In addition, IBM has been implementing warehouse management systems for over a decade so we are familiar with most of the products companies are running and can accurately analyze your current system. This offering from from IBM and SAP offers plug-and-play features to ease implementation and can help you:

DB2 is the leading database choice because it is optimized for SAP software, and delivers tighter integration, optimized performance and better overall value for your investment. Our POWER7 systems incorporate a number of industry-unique technologies for the specialized demands of warehouse management applications and services that rely on processing an enormous number of concurrent transactions and data while analyzing that information in real time.

The alliance partnership

IBM and SAP—a collaborative partnership
IBM has an established reputation as a global leader in providing SAP services and we have received more than 170 software certifications by SAP. We were SAP’s first alliance partner and have been an SAP global alliance partner for nearly 40 years. We have a broad understanding of how technology can be used to facilitate your company’s business processes. And our leadership position in SAP application support and consulting services places us in a prime position to create solutions that can maximize the value of your investment in SAP to help you succeed in today’s turbulent global economy.

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SAP Extended Warehouse Management Application, optimized by IBM DB2 and IBM Power7