Advanced meter management for E&U from IBM and SAP

Executive summary

The goal - Connect to vital usage information
Regulatory and market pressures require that utilities improve network reliability, resolve service issues faster and lower costs associated with service requests. But essential information about usage and outages is not readily available to customer service representatives or integrated into back-office systems. IBM and SAP can help you implement an advanced meter management solution that integrates your meter infrastructure with customer service and business applications.

The advantage - Utilize accurate data for better decision making
Implementing an intelligent utility network can provide communications and computer control to create a highly automated, responsive and resilient power delivery system. Advanced metering can enhance a utility's ability to improve reliability, customer service, operational efficiency and energy conservation. Linking vital meter data with back office systems, an advanced meter management solution can supply accurate information in near real time, which can help:

  • Improve theft detection and speed termination of unauthorized use.
The solution can also enable new customer services, such as time-based billing, to encourage conservation in line with the Federal Energy Policy Act of 2005, smooth peak demand and help customers lower their utility bills.

Business view

The goal - Lower costs with advanced meter data management
As utilities work to lower costs and provide customers with new services, existing meter management systems are working against them. The advanced meter management solution from IBM and SAP is designed to build intelligence into the system. Make vital data more readily available to support more informed decision making. Help utilities deliver new services. Motivate customers to reduce power usage.

The advantage - Rely on our combined resources and experiences

The benefits - Improve operations and resource planning
Our advanced meter management solution automates the transport of meter information from the meter data management system to the back office, allowing you to extract meaningful customer usage data to understand actual resource usage. The solution can help your energy or utility company:

The approach - U.S. energy delivery company modernizes electric grid
IBM is working with a U.S. energy delivery company to modernize the company's electric grid through transforming business processes and reliability, and leveraging advanced technology with an intelligent utility grid. The solution is designed to help the company:

The financial advantage - Speed revenue collection and reduce costs
The advanced meter management solution from IBM and SAP is designed to lower operational costs for energy and utility companies. The solution can help:

Technical details

The issues - Build intelligence into your meter management system
Utility meters are the source of vital information about resource usage, but the data within them is difficult to access and utilize. Leveraging state-of-the-art systems that automate data collection and link meter information with back-office systems can result in substantial savings. The advanced meter management solution from IBM and SAP builds intelligence into the system, transporting data and integrating information into business and operations systems quickly and easily.

The benchmark - Benefit from our leadership in infrastructure and security
IBM and SAP offer proven success in delivering intelligent infrastructures to provide superior reliability and end-to-end network data in virtual real time.

The components - Build on a combination of leading products and services
Advanced meter management from IBM and SAP is set of solutions designed specifically for the new Intelligent Utility Network and supports the integral role smart meters play in that framework. The solutions cover the information flow from network data sources (meters, sensors and actuators), network data communication, data integration and IT infrastructure, business applications, analytics and presentation.

This solution delivers on IBM and SAP's strategic objective of providing an end-to-end solution that enables bi-directional communication across the Intelligent Utility Network. The IBM and SAP solution will offer efficient handling of conventional business processes (e.g., interval usage, disconnection, etc.) and support of new business processes (e.g. theft detection). The advanced meter management solution from IBM and SAP will continue to evolve, but already includes support for asset management, customer relationship management, billing, energy capital management and other ERP support. A technical architecture has been defined that supports numerous AMI meter vendors, cellular and PLC networks, intelligent T&D network communication devices, meter data management solutions and integration with ERP application software. The business solution includes a full range of project management, strategy consulting, planning, development, testing, implementation and meter/network deployment support services.

IBM has partnered or worked with these AMI vendors: American Meter, AMRON Technologies, Badger Meter, Cannon Technologies, Cellnet, Datamatic, DCSI, Echelon, Elster, Hexagram, Hunt Power, Instromet, Itron, Kimmon, Metretek Technologies, Metric, muNet, Nertec, RAMAR, Rockwell, Romet, Roots/Dresser, Sensus Metering Systems, Silver Spring Networks, SmartSynch, Sprague, Superior, Tantalus Systems and Westinghouse.

These Load Control & Display Devices have been used in IBM projects: Blueline Innovations, Comverge, DSCI, Honeywell and Lightstat. In addition, IBM has partnered or worked with Honeywell DMC, Sargent Electric, Wellington and Terasen Utility Services for deployment. And has designed solutions to integrate with these meter data management solutions: eMeter, Energy ICT, Excelergy, Itron, Lodestar, Nexus and Siemens.

The implementation - U.S. energy delivery company implements intelligent grid solution
IBM is working with a U.S. energy delivery company to implement an intelligent grid solution that will involve installing, testing and monitoring automated meter reading of electric and natural gas meters, remote connection and disconnection of electric service, and automated outage detection and restoration. Broadband over Powerline technology will be used for the data communications network. IBM and the company have developed an intelligent grid roadmap that aligns with the Department of Energy's "Grid 2030" and EPRI’s IntelliGrid Framework. The roadmap includes:

The cost of ownership - Gain security, flexibility and reliability
The advanced meter management solution from IBM and SAP is designed to help lower costs and improve distribution operations and reliability. The solution can help with:

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