SAP and IBM integrating technical support for SAP MaxAttention customers via new SAP Mission Control Center (MCC) in Beijing, China

Beijing, China - 25 Jul 2012: Today, SAP and IBM are announcing plans to establish a joint engagement, integrating technical support for SAP MaxAttention customers. As part of this engagement, IBM will be part of the new SAP Mission Control Center (MCC) in Beijing, China, establishing a single point of contact for customer incident requests.

SAP and IBM customers will benefit from shorter response times, enhanced service-levels and support for the full stack from business process level to hardware and network infrastructure. With the new integrated end-to-end support customers can mitigate risks of downtimes or delays caused by the administration of traditional incident management approaches spanning multiple vendors.

Going beyond application level support, this new single point of contact for customer support will allow SAP and IBM to provide a unique service level for business processes.

Pilot tests showed that by applying integrated incident management and preemptive support services, the number of unplanned incidents can be reduced by up to 50 percent.

“The new center is a milestone for our joint customers,” says Uwe Hommel, EVP Active Global Support and Corporate Officer, SAP AG. “For the first time, customers will have one point of contact for their incidents. We can resolve these for them, regardless of where the challenge is in the IT landscape. This is a new level of availability management.”

“Mitigating the risk of downtimes caused by IT incidents is a critical requirement for our clients," explains Pat Toole, General Manager, Technical Support Services, IBM. “The integrated support service with SAP allows clients to focus on their core business, while SAP and IBM focus on the availability and resilience of our clients' business processes.”

The opening of the new center in Beijing is planned for 24th July 2012.

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