Let IBM help you leverage mobile technology to use your SAP applications—anywhere and everywhere.

The era of mobility is here—and already having a profound impact on businesses of every size and in every industry. In IBM's 2012 Global CEO Study, technology was seen as the #1 driver of business even more so than market trends. That view point was expressed for the first time ever in this bi-annual study. Many experts say that mobile technology is driving this view and is uniquely consumer driven not corporate driven, just as with the PC era and the internet age.

Mary Meeker, partner at venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, reported in her 2012 Internet trends report* that:

She has also stated that within the next five years “more users will connect to the Internet over mobile devices than desktop PCs.”(link resides outside of What does that mean to businesses today? The answer is: If you are not implementing an SAP mobile strategy as part of your IT plans, then your business is falling behind. IBM provides a holistic approach to SAP mobile computing by offering strategic consulting, mobile application production, hosting capabilities, as well as hardware and software for superior performance while keeping costs low.

Nobody brings innovation to market like IBM
We uniquely combine all the competencies necessary to co-develop mobile business scenarios and implement your solution from A to Z. Whether you are considering using an on-device application or a web-based (web/HTML5) approach, we bring our proven methodology and service offerings to help you quickly implement the best solution. With our end-to-end solutions you can also benefit from our proven hardware and software to help ensure your mobility solution is built in a cost-effective, secure environment that can protect you from unauthorized network penetration or loss of sensitive data.

Our solutions run on SAP mobile device management systems such as Sybase or Afaria. We also offer a number of proven, award-winning technologies including IBM® Power Systems™, IBM DB2® and IBM Tivoli® security offerings. These solutions can be leveraged to ensure proper execution of your mobile technology strategy, often resulting in higher than expected returns. We provide a world-class highly scalable and secure infrastructure to address workload fluctuations.

Where to start
IBM has designed workshops based on your mobile needs and goals. These workshops can help you define your mobile strategy and help you achieve what we call "Mobile Moments" -- mobile interactions that drive a transaction. It is not simply taking a back end system of record and replicating it on a mobile device. Rather, Mobile Moments are interactions with mobile applications that have three results:

Once your areas of "Mobile Moments" are discovered, IBM can also design, develop and deploy your mobile strategy for immediate return on your investment

IBM has one of the largest dedicated mobility practices in the world. Having worked with nearly every device platform, and with our established manufacturer and mobile industry alliances, we provide tremendous reach and the flexibility needed to help us guide and position your mobile strategy.

Why IBM and SAP?
With an alliance partnership that dates back to the founding of SAP 40 years ago, IBM has the experience and expertise needed to make the most of your SAP investment. IBM offerings span the entire SAP requirements spectrum, from leading technology to comprehensive services to industry-specific applications co-developed with SAP. Our strong working relationship is further evidenced by IBM having received SAP Pinnacle Awards every year since the award’s inception—for a record total of 25 -- including the Transformational Award: Rapid Time to Value.