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SAP + IBM + Mobile = Transformational Solutions

Think of what you could do if your SAP applications were ready for you wherever and whenever you needed them. What would it be like to use SAP Lumira on your mobile device? Or to have a launch pad for SAP Fiori on your smartphone with apps that allow you to approve purchases or timesheets no matter where you are located? Or even access critical information from SAP HANA on your tablet as you are talking to a customer?

IBM can make this a reality. Through our partnership with Apple, IBM is transforming enterprise mobility with a new class of industry specific business apps. Our partnership with Apple further compliments our long history in the Mobile Enterprise space.  When we bring that to our partnership with SAP, we can mobilize SAP apps, and help individuals do things once thought impossible, make decisions in real-time at the point of interaction, and work with the familiar Apple experience.

All this sounds great, but where do I start?
Any business transformation can seem daunting. But with thousands of practitioners and years of experience and our alliance with SAP, IBM can help smooth your transformation to a mobile-enabled individual enterprise with a complimentary workshop. The Mobile Experience Workshop is a personalized one-day session for SAP Alliance clients that is designed to help participants re-imagine what’s possible through the IBM and Apple

partnership. IBM specialists work with you to determine which mobile experiences aligned to specific employee roles have the greatest potential to solve your key business challenges. This design exercise can enable workshop participants, in concert with IBM, to define a small portfolio of specific solutions that can lead to immediate actions for using mobilized SAP apps in your business.

Our IBM Mobile Experience Workshop can help you create the vision for your mobile workforce. Submit your request for your complimentary workshop

The Mobile Experience Workshop is a complimentary, personalized one-day session designed specifically to help SAP Alliance clients like you:

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