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Companies today face information overload. When people across the organization can’t quickly gain insights, they are forced to make decisions blindly. IBM and SAP can help.

Information is a company’s most valuable asset. But while everyone may have access to pockets of information, they may lack the analytics capabilities needed to pull information from across the organization and turn that data into action. In-memory computing can provide the speed and agility to power analytics at unprecedented performance levels while remaining cost effective. But who do you turn to for computing solutions that dramatically increase the availability and speed of business information? IBM® and SAP®.

SAP is addressing the increasing need for in-memory computing with SAP HANA™ appliance software that enables business users to instantaneously access, explore, model and analyze data in real time, without impacting existing applications or systems. SAP HANA is a hardware and software combination that is delivered as an optimized appliance to bring transactional and analytic applications together for near-real-time analysis.

A trusted service partner

Many clients require more than software and hardware products. They need a partner to help them assess their current capabilities, identify areas for improvement and develop a strategy for moving forward. This is where IBM Global Business Services® provides immeasurable value with thousands of SAP consultants in over 80 countries. Our SAP Consulting Practice offers a broad range of services for SAP HANA such as:

More Choice and more Power for big data: SAP announced  SAP Ramp-Up program for SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems

IBM and SAP have a long standing relationship of working together helping to solve our customer’s needs.

Since the SAP SAPPHIRE annual conference in Orlando in June 2014,  SAP formally announced a test and evaluation program for SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems, enabling a selected number of clients to to test and evaluate SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems with the latest POWER8 and POWER7+ processor-based technology.

Due to overwhelming customer demand from clients running their mission critical SAP Infrastructure on IBM Power based servers, SAP announced at the SAP TechEd & d-code conference in Las Vegas on October 21, 2014, that they will be introducing the SAP Ramp-Up program, that will extend early customer access to SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems.

The SAP Ramp-Up program represents the next step forward as we work with SAP to deliver a GA product running on POWER7+ and the newly introduced POWER8 system on Linux. The SAP Ramp-Up is a broader program than the TEA program in terms of participation and testing. While still controlled, it allows additional customers with HANA licenses to begin early testing of SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems and to also deploy production workloads prior to the formal GA announcement from SAP.

The new SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems will be ideally suited for IBM Power Systems clients moving to SAP HANA or existing SAP HANA and SAP BI Accelerator clients running on Intel based servers looking to take advantage of the latest POWER7+ / POWER8 technologies.  IBM Power Systems are specifically designed for big data to run more concurrent queries in parallel faster, across multiple cores with more threads per core. They also have increased memory bandwidth and faster IO to ingest, move and access data faster. In addition, they are optimized to deliver scale-out or scale-up cloud economics and security.

For more information about the Ramp-Up Phase for SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems, we recommend to read and to subscibe to our Smarter Computing Blog.

For any questions regarding the new option to run SAP HANA workloads on IBM Power Systems, contact your IBM representative or contact the IBM SAP International Competence Center in Walldorf/Germany.

Integrated product portfolios

Customers who work with IBM and SAP can benefit from years of joint product development which allows our offerings to be integrated for easier implementation. For example, the unique IBM General Parallel File System™ (GPFS™) provides high-performance file management, seamless capacity expansion, and high reliability and availability to help eliminate production outages and provide disruption-free maintenance and capacity upgrades. IBM and SAP have worked together for over 40 years to deliver innovation to our shared customers. Since 2006 IBM has been the market leader to implement SAP’s original in-memory appliance, the SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse Accelerator (BWA). Hundreds of BWA deployments have been successfully completed in multiple industries and countries. By drawing on these resources, we can help you take full advantage of in-memory analytics and SAP HANA.

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