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IBM cloud computing solutions are helping make the vision of on-demand SAP applications a reality for our joint customers

"IBM has taken cloud computing from something I daydream about to a reality." That is what an IBM customer recently said about his experience working with IBM cloud solutions. This reality of cloud computing for SAP applications starts with an understanding of what cloud computing is meant to achieve. The increasing functional scope of SAP products and the growing interconnection of business processes have led to fairly complex, inflexible IT environments that can hinder a company’s ability to quickly adapt to changing demands. The solution to this challenge is cloud computing.

Cloud computing provides a dynamic infrastructure that makes applications and computing power available on demand. It is highly optimized to achieve more with less, using virtualization, standardization and automation. Cloud computing helps companies become more agile and responsive while significantly reducing IT costs and complexity through improved workload optimization and service delivery.

IBM and SAP solutions capitalize on the comprehensive IBM portfolio of cloud computing offerings to provide integrated and seamless management across architectures and delivery models. Designed for enterprise-class customers, the IBM cloud computing portfolio covers:

Cloud solutions that are down to earth

IBM SmartCloud Application Services – A new platform-as-a-service that will give enterprises the cost and time savings of a cloud environment for a wide range of enterprise applications while maintaining a high level of control and security over deployment and access. A part of these application services is IBM SmartCloud for SAP Applications. These new services automate the most common labor intensive tasks associated with managing SAP environments. The services catalog for SAP on the IBM SmartCloud provides for the automated provisioning of SAP environments and significantly reduces the cost and labor associated with SAP cloning, refreshes and patching. SAP services on the IBM SmartCloud provide production service levels and optional 24 / 7 DBA and SAP Basis support.

Benefits from our SAP in the Cloud service, include time savings such as:

Other time improvements include

Actions From Traditional To IBM SmartCloud
Development environment setup Weeks Hours
Administrative hours per database 6 per week 1 per week
Web application deployment Weeks Minutes
Application integration Months Days or hours
Provision SAP Test environment Weeks Minutes
Application administration 1 operator per 10 apps 1 operator per 100 apps

IBM has introduced and continues to grow a new smart business portfolio of cloud computing solutions that SAP clients can use today. Our portfolio also includes:

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