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Stop by the IBM booth to see the many ways IBM can help simplify, innovate and transform your business.

IBM Subject matter experts from around the world will be available to share their experience and answer your questions on the topics below.

Experiential Zones:

Next Generation Analytics
The advances in disruptive technology around mobile, big data, and in-memory computing are advancing at a rapid pace and creating opportunities for our clients to drive differentiation in the marketplace. Next Generation Analytics is applying these tools and capabilities to your data to radically improve decision making and serve as a basis for competitive advantage. In addition to driving business value, analytics is disrupting entire industries and serving as the basis for revenue generation and cost saving opportunities. Come prepared to discuss how the "Next Generation of Analytics" is playing a role in shaping your organization's strategic direction.

Achieve Customer Insight
It’s a new world in this area...In order to achieve customer insight, companies must work to optimize their consumer relationships by enabling manufacturers to build direct relationships with the end consumer of their products. They must collaborate with channel partners/suppliers to align execution and priorities focused on the right product at the right time, at the right price, at the right quantity and at the right profit. Supply networks must accommodate new data feeds (like demand signals from their customers or their customers' customers) and utilization of advanced predictive/optimization based analytics in order to build "smarter" supply chains. Companies must provide enterprise visibility that allows them to monitor and adjust to changing market, competitive and internal conditions by using enterprise dashboards that rely on integrated data and data management excellence.

Elevate Human Potential
Users today expect a simpler Web 2.0 experience in their daily work and communications. Indeed, they expect the look and feel of their work systems to be easy to use, simple to navigate and to operate similarly to their mobile devices. For enterprise software, where we used to care most about getting to a successful go live, today, user adoption has taken on increased importance. Younger generations of workers, which will be the majority soon, expect problems to be fixed at the speed of sound. Indeed, they want their applications to be improved and to operate better all the time. This brings great opportunity to how we, as change leaders, think about communications, learning approaches and continuous improvement to the SAP solutions we deploy.

Focus Solution Areas:

Big Data and Analytics

Breakthrough Technologies

Enterprise Application Services



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IBM wins 3 SAP Pinnacle awards in 2013

IBM wins 3 SAP Pinnacle awards in 2013

A record 28 Pinnacle awards, more than any other SAP partner

IBM & SAP Alliance Overview Brochure

IBM & SAP Alliance Overview Brochure

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