Improve operational effectiveness to power transformational growth with SAP Business Suite 7.

Unprecedented economic conditions are challenging companies across all industries. Price fluctuations are producing wild swings in the cost of commodities. Pressure on margins is heightening competition. Fickle credit markets are making financial institutions less willing to extend credit to businesses. And those on the receivables end are probably seeing a rise in days-sales-outstanding (DSO) and an increase in write-offs of bad debt.

A lack of timely data about cash flow, liquidity and risk is unacceptable in today's financial climate. But these challenges represent a significant opportunity for business improvement and cost reductions. SAP Business Suite 7 can help you address business challenges, reduce IT costs and complexity, and better position your organization for transformation and differentiated growth.

As a premier SAP Business Suite 7 launch partner, IBM can help you create a refreshed, dynamic infrastructure that provides a flexible, cost-effective and sustainable platform to support current operations and future initiatives.

More than just a set of integrated applications, SAP Business Suite 7 can help you move toward strategic end-to end processes that can enable:

SAP and IBM are uniquely positioned to maximize customer value and reduce IT costs and complexity in today's economy. SAP Business Suite 7, implemented by IBM, leverages our combined expertise and services, as well as applications, database software and infrastructure technology to help you succeed.

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